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11 April 2012 / By / 16 Comments

Remember when I visited Venera Arapu’s showroom last week no? If you don’t you must have some serious memory problems (or you have better things to do with your life than read “the virtual chronicles of Ana Morodan“).

Anyways, Ioana and I had the honor to be invited to try on the items we love from Venera Arapu’s new collection.
You know I’m not that much of a print lover. Never was, never will be, but every now and then I find that special printed item that gets to me. That’s what happened with these amazing Venera Arapu dresses!
You know, there’s a thing we all love, no matter if you are a hipsterish person or an underground character, we all love stories. And I for one, I tremendously admire the storytellers. That’s why I love Venera, because whether we talk about her public appearances, decoration projects, her designs or her day by day life, we come to the conclusion that Venera is a storyteller.
I bet you think that I started talking pointless again, don’t you? Ntz, ntz, ntz, to think that low of me…not nice people, not nice!
Now, the story behind this collection is the coolness of cool. Each item has a printed version of some of Venera‘s outfits on it, this being in my opinion, the real and most personal interpretation of the “I wear a designer on me” saying.

For me, the little admirer of her outfits, these dresses are the Mecca of Venera Arapu‘s world. I want to sleep/work/eat/go to the gym (if I’ll ever decide to start doing that)/go out/shop/plant trees in them. Did I make myself clear? I want to spend the next 6 months in those dresses! And after that, to wear them again and again, till the end of days.

I rest my case.
Good to know:
  • the pictures were taken at Market 8, a restaurant decorated and owned by Venera Arapu
  • the idea of the post title came from one of Venera’s designs which had “Royal Breakfast” printed on it.
  • we could not have done this without the help of the amazing Maria, Venera’s Pr, who heroically had the nerves to put up with us almost a whole day.
  • these items are part of a preview of Venera Arapu a/w collection and can already be found at her store (Banu Antonache str., nr. 59)


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  1. daria says:

    these are fab-u-lous! the clothes are super cool and so statement! love them & the pics as well, especially the first when where the 2 of you are such dolls.

  2. Iulia Romana says:

    Shootingul asta e for sure foarte tare, foarte fresh si foarte ingenios ! Chiar nu am gasit nimic ce sa nu imi placa aici – hainele, again, sunt fooooooarte geniale, locatia si mai si, iar voi doua sunteti superbe :* La cat mai multe postari de genu’, imi plac la nebunie >:D<

  3. Bo3mia says:

    I agree with Daria, the whole thing is fabulous!
    Royal breakfasts were never so cool! 🙂

    And the restaurant is absolutely amazing!

  4. Bo3mia says:

    I agree with Daria, this is all so fabulous – royal breakfasts were never so cool and the restaurant is amazing!

  5. Emanuel I. says:

    Ce tare e ideea…sunteti magnifice!
    Felicitarile mele umile dragelor.

  6. Waw those are gorgeous! tooked me about 2 sec to realize that they are prints. So those are photos of Venera`s body and colthes? if that so, she sure do look good 🙂

  7. You two are the hottest fashion robots I have ever seen! 😉

    Seriously, the photographs are fantastic, the diet of jewels and sparkles, so great. You don’t notice it at first, and then you look closer and it’s a total surprise – beautifully executed!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  8. D. says:

    I really like what comes out when you work with mauvert, you shoul do this more often.nice job!

  9. Joana says:

    Oh yum – a diet I would have no trouble following! The jewellery is all so gorgeous.

    xo Joana

  10. mauVErt says:

    Thank you very much! We really enjoy working with Ana :).

    the team

  11. This shoot is so much fun!! The clothes are amazing.
    I love a good story too, makes things interesting 😉

  12. Gia says:

    Love it, those dresses are a killer:)

  13. Anaivilo says:

    That collection really looks interesting, I like the idea of those prints, such a great trompe l’oeil effect 😉 The photos are amazing!

  14. Zazuza says:

    wanna glow? start the diamond diet NOW! eat jewelry for breakfast for a precious looking skin!

  15. Boheme.Fille says:

    Great photo shoot idea! Venera’s collection is to die for, I so love those prints! How I wish I would own one of her creations!

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