The Recipe for Stress Relieving our Minds and A Cool Pair of Culottes

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21 January 2015 / By / 19 Comments

Ana Morodan


Bonjour (that`s the best I know from the my French vocabulary),

How are you people? With all this Morodan Shop pre-launch team work and with me hitting 30, I got carried away and it was a little too silent around here. But have no fear, I am back for good now at my daily programming. I`ve missed writing you, you know.


Now, for my episode 3 of the Click n Drink delicious drinks testing I selected the BlomBoom – that delicious hot chocolate drink which we most of the time order when we go out in social places and which you can order directly to our homes. I`m planning some social gatherings at my house and showroom this year so it came right on time.


Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan


Ana Morodan

Ana MorodanToday, I`m wearing Zarug culottes, a Zara blouse and a Morodan Shop necklace

Photos by Mihai Dina at Entourage Centrul Vechi



And with it what came to mind first was:


The Recipe for  Stress Relieving our Minds between work and Busting our Creativity and Focusing ability


  • pick a place – even if it`s your home, your office relaxation room or a social place – get into a comforting spot


  • breathe in/breathe out – it may be a yoga trick and  it may be preached all over but it`s not a fake strategy, it actually works. Just do it and you`ll see


  • be present – stop your mind from worrying and over thinking – just be present in that moment of relaxation and enjoy


  • get a hot drink in your hand – a tea or a sweet drink – BLOMBOOM has a high level of cocoa and not so much sugars – your waist will be protected


  • be truly aware that it`s not the end of the world if something is not done Right In That Moment – it`s ok, everything is ok, just take a moment for yourself


  • think GREEN thoughts – imagine everything green, a dress, nature, trees, green lakes – here`s my Green Pinterest Board for inspiration – green has the tendency of making us unwind and has a calming and enjoyable effect


And you can also have a little childish fun. It might work.


Ana Morodan


Thank you BOLMBOOM for inspiring me and offering me a quiet and delicious moment.









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  1. Antonia says:

    ciocolata calda yum yum yuuuuum

  2. ioana popa says:

    hai cu Morodan Shop alreadyyyyyy

  3. Livia says:

    oh, a moment to relax. that didn’t happen for a looooog time

  4. Adina S. says:

    geniali pantalonii

  5. fashionlover says:

    you look great, 30 is perfect for you 🙂

  6. Ana Stefan says:

    pe cand shop-ul, draga mea? nu ne mai tine in tensiune 🙂

  7. LooLoo says:

    I love this hot chocolate and I am very picky when it comes to my drinks. Trust me, it’s worth it!

  8. crina says:

    stress releiving zici….eu am nevoie de un camion un cazul asta

  9. Paulina says:

    Nu ma mai satur de perle peste topurile gri. pur si simplu minunate

    Te pup,zi faina~!

  10. adda says:

    Love Zarug designs 🙂

  11. Nicole says:

    breathe in/breathe out actually works most of the times

  12. laura stan says:

    ❤️ the pearls

  13. Mitzi says:

    ador ciocolata calda, o s-o incerc neaparat

  14. Ely says:

    culottes are my absolute favorites

  15. dora says:

    oh, sweet relaxation, please come back to my life :)))))

  16. Sara says:

    Can’t wait for Morodan shop! Poate de ziua mea? E pe 10 februarie 🙂

  17. Ana-Maria says:

    Azi m-am imbracat la fel :))

  18. natalia poveste says:

    Ce bun e un astfel de moment din cand in cand

  19. flora says:

    ❤️ tinutele simple

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