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“Country things are the necessary root of our life – and that remains true even of a rootless and tragically urban civilization. To live permanently away from the country is a form of slow death.”Esther Meynell



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The Country Hotel 111

Marcela-Cosnean-si-Ana-Morodanm-1I am wearing a Simona Bejan wedding dress and a Marcella hat

© Serban Cristea



 Jane Austen would be proud. Better yet, I am proud too because I`ve succeeded in making some damage control regarding the self styled bangs.

Also, the Universe brought to my path the perfect dress. A wedding dress actually. Nope, not the itsy bitsiest intention. Nevertheless, a wedding dress designed by the talented Simona Bejan. The bind is my doing. I give me that.


Packed with this appropriate dowery I left Bucharest to find some mid week peace of mind at The Country Hotel in Harman, invited by the energetic and positive Marcela Cosnean.

The experience we had was surrounded in serenity, smiles and delicious cuisine. Marcela`s story is one worthy of novels. Spending half of her life in Germany and Texas, she returned to Romania several years ago and opened The Country Hotel – an oasis of authentic and high quality country living resort filled with fairy like decorated corners as you see above.


After you pass the `wow` shock you experience while visiting every room, Marcela invites you to breakfast/lunch/dinner where she serves the most yummy and healthy delicatessen. Many of them coming directly from her garden. You can then go and enjoy some quiet time by yourself or visit the beautiful surroundings.


 What makes The Country Hotel and your experience there UNIQUE


  • the special vibe of time standing still – the lack of fuss and urban craziness


  • Marcela`s atelier where you can find the most wonderful treasures from embroidered bed linens, to unique pieces of clothing, special gift boxes to home made comfiture – pear with mint or pumpkin with ginger are my favorite ones – or home made bio herb tea (a mixture of all kinds of therapeutic plants) 


  • the surroundings – hills covered with woods and perfect for long walks – the biggest entrenched abbey in Europe preserved perfectly at only 10 km. I`m not a big fan of medieval age but this one is really interesting to visit.


  • the food Marcela cooks – yes, it has a healthy, delicious and authentic taste which no refined restaurant food can replace.



I always get a feeling of empowerment when I discover new places like this in our country. It makes me believe in special people and places. It makes me believe that Romania has come to life. A new, beautiful, refined, serene and positive life.








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  1. Sabrina says:

    Amazing photos! The dress is so lovely

  2. loredana iustin says:

    doamne, parca e o casa din turta dulce, arata minunat! trebuie sa merg neaparat

  3. Dixie says:

    Marcela looks like such a warm person 🙂

  4. Oana-Alexandra says:

    Dintr-o bucatarie atat de frumoasa numai minuni puteau iesi 😉 abia astept sa vizitez locul asta de basm

  5. Edna says:

    The bangs isn’t that bad after all, you look 10 years younger so you can repeat the procedure any time you want 😉

  6. Mariana says:

    Superb hotelul, superba Ana, superbe fotografiile

  7. Wow! Pare un colt de rai, iar rochia ta e de vis.

  8. Cristina Soos says:

    MY LADY <3
    nu mi-am luat ochii de la decolteu 😀
    locul este superb …ca de poveste
    Bisou Bisou :*:*

  9. Catalina M. says:

    Daa dar tu ma duci cu gandul mai degraba catre Alba ca Zapada! Locul este de vis si tare mi-ar placea sa il vizitez anul acesta. Cine stie , poate voi face si eu un shooting foto acolo, dar cu o rochie care sa ma asemene cu mama vitrega 🙂

  10. maria dincu says:

    atelierul Marcelei ascunde multe comori iar casa e de poveste

  11. Andruta says:

    camera cu pat pe mijloc e categoric dormitorul viselor mele! asternutul e minunat

  12. Oprescu Madalina says:

    I was actually looking for a place to spend the weekend with my husband on our anniversary. This is it 🙂

    thanks for sharing

  13. andreea says:

    ador sobele de teracota

  14. Cristina says:

    fotografia cu iedera e de pus in rama! locul arata minunat, sper sa ajung sa-l vizitez vara aceasta

  15. Otilia says:

    that is one amazing wedding dress, I love it

  16. mioara pantea says:

    cred ca o sa-mi comand o cutie de cadou. de la mine pentru mine 🙂 arata minunat si cred ca produsele sunt de-a dreptul delicioase

  17. Dorina says:

    nu stiu daca ai vazut, dar tinutele pentru botez create de Marcela sunt absolut minunate! abia astept sa vizitez acest loc

  18. doris says:

    Jane Austen would be inspired by you in this lovely outfit and the amazing setting 😉

  19. andreea matei says:

    ce palariuta simpatica 😉

  20. Marga says:

    sunt minunate asternuturile cu broderie, bunica mea avea unele superbe. trebuie sa le vad pe ale Marcelei live 🙂

  21. ana popa says:

    am avut onoarea sa o cunosc pe Marcela si este intr-adevar un om minunat. iar ce a reusit sa faca in acest hotel e absolut perfect.

  22. Damiana says:

    sa stii ca ma gandesc din ce in ce mai mult sa ma mut la tara. intr-un loc linistit, departe de rautatile din oras in primul rand. inca imi fac curaj, dar sper ca voi reusi 🙂

  23. the fashion lover says:

    you look great in that dress, I love this idea of a wedding dress

  24. juliet says:

    you are right, this is soooo Jane Austen 🙂

  25. Anca Mincu says:

    ce loc frumos, multumim ca ni l-ai aratat

  26. cristina says:

    ador dulceturile de tot felul si abia astept sa le incerc si pe acestea

  27. Oana Dunca says:

    Un colt de rai!

  28. Maria Elena says:

    Rochiile Marcelei parca-s facute pentru papusi 🙂 minunate

  29. Roberta Dumitrache says:

    Harman este o zona splendida si ma bucur sa vad ca e descoperita de cat mai multi oameni frumosi

  30. Nora says:

    You look amazing

  31. Preppy_Girl says:

    Love the hat with the wedding dress, so unique

  32. Ileana says:

    Multumesc pentru locurile minunate pe care ni le prezinti

  33. Ana Maria says:

    You are so…..magnifique!

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