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 .Bette Davis at the sea

My Fav

Ana's New Ice Cream love at the Spa

Ana has a favorite La Strada flavor

L a Strada Ice Cream

The Little Countess

Photos by Serban Cristea



A few years ago, when we all watched The Devil wears Prada, Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia, I couldn’t understand one tiny aspect from those women’s lives – that moment when they got home and went directly to the fridge, opened it and took a big bowl of ice cream out of it. In that precise moment they looked like they’ve  found heaven and I couldn’t understand how.

Well, like everything in life, when you least expect it, you find the revealing answer – in this situation, for me, it was La Strada – Contemporary Gelato. Must share this with you guys, I always share with you my little countess joys!

I came home on Monday evening ready to pack and leave for a few days to my favorite spa in Bulgaria, when I remembered this precise movie situation. While entering the kitchen my first thought was to test the new La Strada ice cream that filled my ice box a few days earlier.

That was the moment when I understood. I understood the difference between eating a simple ice cream and a premium one, I understood the power of true flavor and fruit savor that was not chemical! Well, I don’t now if those people we see in movies pick the best ice cream but you know I am a picky countess so this ice cream adapts to my requests perfectly (#life, #smile, #yum)

I was amazed to find out that La Strada Contemporary Gelato is a Romanian premium Brand. What?!?! Romanian?!?! They’re too good! But they really are and I’m so glad to have discovered this ice cream – if you’ll try it, I bet you will agree with me on it’s quality, taste and flavors.

Also, because we all know that I’m a shallow little person, there’s one more reason why I got fond of the   La Strada ice cream – its fashionable boxes. Like they are the perfect accessory for a cool street style outfit, no? Like they are inviting you to wear your true colors on the street.  It’s like a pret a porter ice cream!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Superb, indeed !

  2. OLE says:

    dar unde anume se afla centrul de spa? sau cel putin cum se numeste?

  3. lademoisella says:

    Mi-ai facut o pofta…mai am putin si ajung acasa dar ma opresc pe drum sa-mi iau 🙂

  4. leica says:

    i am so glad i hear someone else talking about my favourite ice cream! yessss! it is the best!

  5. julia says:

    i agree, so glad you like it too !!!! love it and you look stupendous darling this place is divine

  6. roro says:

    my God it looks so chic !!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is how i buy my technology, so imagine i have to this this icecream!

  7. gina says:

    WOW! that is an amazing look dear, love the way you wear your scarf :* i tried the La Stada ice cream, it is the one 😉 i know what you mean

  8. gorgeous creatures dot com says:

    awwwww how come i haven’t thought of ice cream until now??? my god i need some! on my way to get it oh yes!

  9. fifi says:

    dear, you are so cute with that gorgeous ice cream sitting on that flower pot 🙂 like you are a little girl eating your ice cream 🙂 very nice

  10. laura tanase says:

    i get what you mean, it looks very stylish that ice cream, and i am glad it’s a Romanaian brand! very lady like

  11. Emanuel I. says:

    Hmmm… This is the most fashionable ice-cream I’ve ever seen!
    :X :*

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