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20 August 2013 / By / 10 Comments

Super Chic Morodan

Perfect Morodan


Anette de Morodan looking awesomeWearing an H&M outfit, Asos heels and Phillip Lim Pashly Bag

© Serban Cristea



I think I know which one it will be – my next wardrobe superhero for the next season, that is! It will be caps! Yes, yes, caps! I normally don”t wear anything else on my head than floppy hats. Floppy hats made from summer materials or floppy hats made from more wintery ones – all in all, I’m a floppy hatter. I feel somehow like a mysterious dame when wearing them.

Well, I dunno what happened but ever since the first time I tried on this cap from H&M Gold Label Collection I fell in love. It makes me look so Gavroche like that I actually love it.

I’ve incorporated it in a rainy outfit I did for Unica Magazine for my 7 days/7outfits editorial.




Style tricks


Finding a hat that fits isn’t like finding jeans that do, but still, you’ll want to pay attention when shopping online. There’s size differences at every corner. Believe me, I’ve tested!

Women’s hats are fashion accessories and are part of their ensembles. Therefore, ladies are not required to remove their hats when going indoors.

If you want a cap like mine you can shop it  from H&M starting with the 5th of September.




Now, I think this will make your day much more fantastic!


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Superhero lover Morodan

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  1. Maria Lina says:

    yey! love the hat and the outfit is too cool to be true!

  2. Otilia's Secret says:

    i actually like your look a lot, it is kinda different from your style up until now, but it’s pretty cool! love the sandals, a very feminine touch to it

  3. Raluca says:

    hey hey, foarte frumos, perfect acesorizata tinuta ta, and love the wide shoulders jacket you chose for the hat. smart style baby

  4. Ginger One says:

    oh! that bag! love the hat very nice 🙂

  5. Carmen says:

    i like the hat walk today 😉 lovely style, and i loved the song Muah!

  6. fiona hey says:

    well, i must admit you inspire me ana. it is lovely to follow your posts, really enjoy your style <3

  7. Iuliana says:

    this outfit is so smart and chic! it`s one of my favourite of yours! I absolutely love that song, loving arctic monkeys since highschool!

  8. DaNa says:

    You look beautiful, as always!

    What do you think about my pictures from vacation?

    Kiss, Kiss, Kisses!♥

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