The Jacket which Saved Me from a `Body Hating` Day

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19 March 2015 / By / 21 Comments

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

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I`ve tried some awesome dresses the other day and I fell asleep at 3 am because of that.

Allow me to extrapolate.


I have big boobs. And this helped me a whole of a lot during my life. In any kind of situations, from not waiting in any line, till…well…all kinds of benefits, if you get what I mean.


However, here`s the not so perfect part of being a skinny bitch with big boobs:


  • you can`t wear almost nothing open backed because you always need a bra. For your big boobs.
  • you can`t wear loose dresses because guess what? Your boobs will make those dresses so large that you seem you`re born without a waist. Nope, not that you don`t have wasp waist. You will actually look super fucking fat
  • you have trouble finding bras. because you`re a skinny bitch with big boobs. 75 D is not manufactured often so you`ll own 5 bras in total and they`ll look not sexy at all
  • you have to refinish almost everything you buy because size S is ok for the rest of your body but not for your boobs. Therefore you have to buy an M to fit your boobs and alternate and adjust the rest of your dress to fit the rest of your body. You`ll spend countless hours at your modiste to try and fit, try and fit, try and fitttt
  • you`ll find the dress of your dreams but…YOUR BOOBS WON`T FIT IN IT



Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetI am wearing a pair of Smiling Shoes thigh-high boots, a PNK Casual jacket, a Celine bag & a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



Pfff, I`m ok now, I`ve just had an episode. I grew up loving my body and I still do. 99 % of the times. That 1% was today. And let me live my dramatic body moment in peace. Don`t start with `ohhh, how I wish I had bigger boobs like you` smile



But, fuck the beautiful and SMALL dresses – there`s some cursing today I see. You must forgive me. I`m in a little `dramatic` moment – I`ve found a jacket which I adore and fits my boobs. It`s the one above and it`s from PNK Casual`s S/S 15 collection.

And it does not matter which your size bra might be because everybody can subscribe to THIS.

Yep, if you buy anything witch exceeds more than 500 lei from PNK Casual – and you`ll find tons of choices because their new line is awesome – you`ll enter for winning a Pnk Casual wardrobe worth 4000 lei. You`ll also be adviced by a personal stylist while choosing your new PNK Casual items.


Click here for all the details and timings. And check also the terms and conditions.


Well, I`m back to focusing on the positive parts of  being a big boobed lady. It`s healthier and saner this way. I`ll also stay away from tricky dresses. Jackets however, special jackets will conquer my wardrobe. So be it. Amen. Goodbye.











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  1. Cristina Soos says:

    My Boobs are my favorite part of my body ❤ Here Here for the 80D cup

  2. Înţeleg perfect ce spui 😀

  3. alice in shoppingland says:

    I get your point, I have the same problem in the derierre area 😉

  4. Greta says:

    foarte frumoasa jacheta, e genul de piesa ageless

  5. Olivia Runcu says:

    wow, o intreaga garderoba de la PNK chiar ca mi-ar face ziua mai frumoasa :)) cred ca mi-ar ajunge chiar pentru o saptamana intreaga 😉

  6. Maria D. says:

    si daca eu iti spun acum ca esti superba asa cum esti functioneaza sau…? 🙂

  7. Roxana says:

    noua colectie PNK e absolut superba

  8. Florina Grigoras says:

    foarte frumoasa jacheta, dar cred ca trebuie sa ai cu ce s-o “umpli” in partea de sus. vezi? e si cupa D buna la ceva :))

  9. ana says:

    blazerul acesta ar fi sigur pe lista mea de cumparaturi

    e perfeeeeect!

  10. Irina C. says:

    love the boots. and the legs 😉

  11. Ofelia says:

    daaaa, si eu am patit acelasi lucru! tot pnk casual m-a scos din belea, ce sa vezi? 🙂 cu un top superb care-mi vine turnat

  12. Carmen says:

    jacheta iti vine turnata

  13. Alina N says:

    I hear ya, sister! Ai uitat sa mentionezi camasile cu nasturi care vin fixe in fata si largi la spate, dar pe de alta parte asa sunt si jechetele.Eu mi-am luat adio de la topurile cu spatele gol #nevergonnahappen, rochiile imi plac de fapt, nu stiu de ce, dar vin bine, sutiene doar de la Triumph pentru ca da, torace subtire si sani mari nu se pupa si doamnele de acolo scotocesc tot magazinul pentru mine. Am uitat sa mentionez efectele gravitatiei si curelor de slabire si cum mai toata lumea imi spune ca voi avea dureri de spate crunte mai incolo (really, experts?!).

  14. Mona says:

    Cred ca toate avem zile de body hating.Si sincer ca si modelele au :))

    anyway, love the boots and the jacket

  15. Virginia says:

    mi-am facut deja lista cu produse in valoare de 4000 de ron de la PNK :)))) ce inseamna sa fii optimista! colectia e superba toata si am asa un sentiment de mandrie cand ma gandesc ca e made in Ro

  16. eli says:

    vai, jacheta asta seamana cu una pe o aveam acum multi multi ani si am iubit-o maxim, trebuie s-o am!

  17. Alice P. says:

    1,62, sani..cupa B,talie mica, fund…J.Lo style. body hating? call me cand mai ai din-astea., stii cum e sa nu gasesti pantaloni aproape niciodata si fustele sa-ti vina cel putin ciudat? am impresia ca fac shopping la croitoreasa

  18. Di says:

    Colectia noua PNK e foarte frumoasa iar magazinul din Dorobanti parca e o casuta de papusi <3 <3 <3

  19. RalucaS. says:

    cand mai ai momente de genul gandeste-te ca ai picioare superbe si o energie de invidiat 🙂

  20. andra dinu says:

    arati super cool de fiecare data

  21. Simona Voicu says:

    De obicei am 75D la sutien, iar acum ptr ca alăptez 80E este foarte mic. Am cumpărat ptr botezul fiului meu o rochie mai larga pe principiul sa încapă sânii, iar când am primit pozele aproape că nu am recunoscut hipopotamul

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