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If you have a keen mind and obsessively analyze that certain genre of movies, set in the Belle-Époque/Mid-War era, or even those Agatha Christie novels, you’ll more often than not come across a very peculiar kind of character. It’s that character who has all the dirt on everybody else while always being impeccably prepped. Generating intrigue is a part of their job description, they would be rather caught dead than smiling UNLESS they come over another grain of dirt which gives them high-ground over someone else. And some of them, have a very seductive charm. Of course I’m talking about the Head Housekeeper!








These women are the characters who DRIVE DUH-RAMA in every Downton Abbey-esque scenery. And what would life be if we took ourselves way too seriously all the time? What would life be without a little fun or murderous harmless drama?

Let’s call this governess Madame Bondi (de laa bondar, as in dolofana). These are the images captured by the security cameras in the new household Madame Bondi is visiting. She’s been waiting for a few hours now, the lady of the house left to buy flowers for her chambers and she’s not back yet. At least that’s what Marlon, the gloomy eyed butler, told her.







Madame Bondi got a feeling that this Lady shouldn’t had been spending so much time buying flowers because:

1. There was only one small flower market in that countryside. It should have taken no more than 20 minutes to get there, see all the stands, negotiate and get back.
2. She noticed flowers on her way to the room; there were an abundance of white tulips and only ONE vase with fresh cut red ones. That meant the lover was new, the fling was probably at the beginning; they met daily, the red tulips were not older than a day.
She must be having a lover. Or consuming opium. Or both! – She thought while waiting and waiting and waiting.







Snooping around is another hobby of Madame B’s. More precisely snooping around and examining easily stashable pieces of silverware and décor. And this lady surely knew a thing or two about design. For example, this furniture is surely custom made by some of the best custom made furniture producers in Romania, La Maison, which have their own factory. She knows the owners of La Maison, Cristina and Patrick Zelmat. She knows that they are specialized in designing and decorating full homes, with a designer in house and collaborating with other designers La Maison delivers the chic-est homes she had ever seen. Especially the kitchens, which they produce and decorate with everything including sanitary objects and the refined La Cornue ovens (for which La Maison is the official and exclusive retailer in Romania and Moldavia)





7 hours have passed and there was no Lady in sight. By this time, all of the household staff suspected that the Lady was having an affair. And Madame Bondi was certain!

That could have been the perfect place for her, she would stay there, regardless of the Lady’s liking of her. She knew how to keep secrets and how to manufacture excuses. She had the leverage she needed, and she could be of great help to this Lady.

Madame Bondi picked up some silver wear and dashed straight to the butler demanding to be taken to her room. She needed two candlesticks, a bucket of ice, a bottle of champagne, a few dessert spoons – for her breaks during the day; all of them to help her relax. After all, being the best governess in England was exhausting.


ana-morodan-la-maison-romaniaLo Spaccio suit and shirt – No 21 heels – Jacquemus bag – Italian Vintage brooch 

Photos by Costrut 


This short story was inspired by La Maison’s new bedroom & kitchen showroom. If you want to WOW yourself visit their Bucharest showroom located on Blvd. Dacia, nr. 73, 020051, Sector 2. Or book your appointment at or ask for details +40.723.393793.


May you all step in places which instantly take you to a different world!



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  1. Annabelle says:

    Your suit looks very elegant! you are so beautiful <3

  2. Jane Jesse says:

    The decor is amazing. Love it!

  3. Ramona Tudor says:

    Postarile astea de personaj mi se par cele mai savuroase. Ti se potrivesc perfect!

  4. Cristina M says:

    Jaquemus, gusturi fine… Bravo, Ana!

  5. Gabi G. says:

    Imi place mult la voi atentia la detalii. Nu va scapa nimic din vedere, totul este foarte bine instrumentat. Felicitari!

  6. Carmen K says:

    Bucataria asta e spledida! Parca esti in bucataria regala… exact cum ii sta bine unei contese. 🙂

  7. Iulia Gheorghe says:

    La Maison e un vis, ii urmaresc pe facebook si au lucruri foarte frumoase.

  8. Oana Pop says:

    Sacoul asta e o piesa de colectie. Poti sa ne dai si pretul lui? Lo Spaccio au shop online?
    Multumesc. 😉

  9. Gabriela L. says:

    Imi doresc si eu un dormitor ca asta. Arata foarte royal, iar tapetul este splendid. <3

  10. You look perfect! x

  11. Anuska says:

    Dear Ana, you have amazing content & beautiful photos. Congrats to you and your team for the creativity

  12. Oana Gabriela says:

    Te potriesti perfect in decorul asta. Imi place tinuta, imi plac lalelele, accesoriile…
    Dormitorul ala e wow, de bucatarie nu mai zic! 🙂 Bravo!

  13. Daniela M. says:

    Lo Spaccio au costume foarte frumoase, iar asta iti vine perfect. Imi place ca promovezi si altfel de branduri. <3

  14. Ioana Ivan says:

    Madame Bondi e tare simpatica :))) cum ascunde ea argintaria in posetuta aia mica :))

  15. Laura Lumi says:

    Lalelele albe sunt si preferatele mele #forever

  16. Karina K says:

    Preferata mea e poza cand intri pe usa. :)) Mi-ai facut ziua! xoxox

  17. Madalina Mihai says:

    Doamna Morodan, va admir enorm.
    Aveti mimici de artista si sunteti o adevarata inspiratie. Va urmaresc cu mare drag!

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