This year, The M office will get a #BiggerChristmas

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15 December 2017 / By / 13 Comments

I hate Christmas! 



Well, not “hate”, but rather “strongly dislike”. 

LATER EDIT: Ok, fine. I’m being overly dramatic. I don’t hate it, but I strongly dislike it.

LATER EDIT 2: Maybe this year I don’t dislike it as strongly as other times





Because this year I am actually excited at the thought that I’m going to buy gifts for all #theMoffice.

I’ve never done it before, it was either money or gifts for no reason, never a DEDICATED CHRISTMAS GIFT!! But somehow, after a very, very long time, I can now firmly state that (with all its good and bad times), I feel more than ever that I have an adopted/adoptive (not quite sure about the appropriate word yet!) family. Maybe because my natural family passed through a really rough patch these last months, I got to better understand that being you own support system is sometimes not enough. Very important, but not always enough. I got a better grasp of the importance of friends, and how being a flamboyance of flamingos helps the psyche when you go through hardships or even hit rock bottom.


Christmas shopping with the #MOffice. #ThisIsUs





 So no Grinch this year. And exactly like the storyteller said about the Grinch, I feel like my heart grew.I just hope it’s not cardiomegaly (forever paranoid).


“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”


I got it that Christmas is about that warm feeling in your stomach and heart that tells you to buy your loved ones a small token of your appreciation. It’s like giving them a piece of your heart. (I wonder if Voldemort was not crudely misunderstood and the Horcruxes were actually a gift to his loved ones that he didn’t know how to properly communicate/he took giving-a-piece-of-your-soul too literally. I will put this on my “To Investigate” list.)

I’m getting side tracked (as per usual). What I wanted to get at is that these gifts usually come from aa store/shop/boutique/mall/online shop and it took the personality out of it, at least that’s how I understood it. But this Christmas I plan to gift them goodies that I’ve tried and tested myself.

Ok, fine, I admit, I might still pass all these things through my personal filter, I mean, I am a beauty addict and I want to gift them beauty products or cool perfumes. It’s chic-er than a candle or a Christmas-y blouse, wouldn’t you say? And they have special offers until the 17th of December. inima-albastru



IMG_6080Mineli boots – Mosselles brooches 


Ok, you caught me, I took the title from this article from Aoro by Notino‘s campaign, #BiggerChristmas. But you know what? It actually stroke a chord in me! This campaign and this title. Because it made me think and realize that this year, this year is actually a much more bigger Christmas for me. Because this year I realized I do have a perfect family!


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  1. Dan G says:

    Hey, sexy! 😉

  2. Camelia Gostea says:

    Unde ai facut pozele? Arata wow sufrageria asta. <3

  3. Raluca Negreanu says:

    Ai o echipa frumoasa si esti o norocoasa ca ai oameni frumosi in jurul tau. Craciunul este despre iubire. Iar eu va iubesc pe toti pentru ca faceti lucruri minunate impreuna. Va doresc sarbatori de poveste!

  4. Mariana Popa says:

    Craciunul e cea mai frumoasa perioada din an. Ar trebui sa te mai gandesti putin. Parca erai mai siropoasa cu alte ocazii.

  5. Flavia F says:

    Ana, mor dupa cizemele tale? le ai pe toate culorile?
    Zi-ne si noua de unde sunt…. Puuup.

  6. Petronela Popa says:

    Decorul asta e de poveste. Nu stiu cum gasesti mereu cele mai frumoase locuri. <3

  7. Gabi G. says:

    Ce faine sunt cutiile de la Notino!
    Numai bune de dat cadou. Le pui o funda rosie si ai scapat de nebunia ambalatului.

  8. Kiki P says:

    <3 <3 <3

  9. Daniela M. says:

    Rosu te prinde excelent, draga doamna…

  10. gina grecu says:

    Am cumparat multe produse de la Notino, mi se pare ca au preturi foarte bune fata de alte magazine. Recomand !!!

  11. Nadia T says:

    Ai cele mai frumoase brose si mereu ne dai cele mai bune sugestii. Multumim, Ana. :))

  12. Obsessed with your boots <3

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