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A Ballerina that will make you never forget

Ana - the little Ballerina

La Ballerina Ana

The difference will always be in the Details

Are you ready for the spectacle

Ana de High Street Cardigans

The Black Swan Morodan

The chic ballerina

I am wearing two splendid Cristina Savulescu dresses from her Princess Malade collection

© Serban Cristea



Ballerinas, ohhh, those delicate ballerinas they always mesmerize us. With their fragile allure, their pale pink tutus and perfect, splendid moves. The feminine gentleness at its best.

Degas painted them, Minsk wrote about them, the whole world marvels at them, I had to try it. It seemed so easy and doable. I called Roxana, my friend who is passionate about ballet and also practices it and asked for a pair of toe dancers. Her ballet teacher, Gabriela was extremely polite and borrowed me a pair.

” How hard could it be?!? I am so gonna impress Serban!

I broke a nail and my feet were in pain for a whole week.


Being a ballerina is somehow the same with being a successful woman. It seems so easy  but when you start to actually practice it you realize that it requires sacrifice, determination and strength. Along with your delicateness, passion, femininity and gentleness.


Cristina Savulescu is a young woman and a young designer. Her way of thinking regarding the feminine universe can be easily seen through her latest collection – Princess Malade. She kinda won me over for a long time with it.

Take a look at the campaign video also. It’s absolutely wicked! Just how witches like it (#heart)


Smiling - funny countess


 .The End .




The Spring Hollow is out! I hope you know that, no? I suggest you click here and buy it immediately. This is a “must” own item when it comes to magazines.

Besides their uber awesome pictorials and inspiring people whom you will meet between its pages, this is a decoration and cool-ness factor object, you must own it. You do, you do, youuuu dooo (#smile)

Also, take a look  at their super cool t-shirts. My love is the one which starts with “No matter how good she looks…” (#hhaahha, #smilling)







Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


The Ballerina Ana

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  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 etc.


  2. Veronica says:

    Ana, cred ca este a 100-a oara cand iti spun ca esti grozava 🙂 ce faci tu pentru blogul tau ma impresioneaza in continuu. Arati foarte bine pe poante si sunt de acord cu mesajul tau: desi la inceput pare usor, pe parcurs iti dai seama ca pentru a fi in top trebuie sa faci multe sacrificii.
    As vrea sa te intreb: unde sunt facute pozele? M-a impresionat semineul.

  3. Ela says:

    Superbe rochitele!! <3

  4. just another ana says:

    Oh, darling! You are so courageous to step into those things! But you look great! Love it

  5. pearlsanddiamonds says:

    Exquisite look! Divine!

  6. ribbons and candy says:

    Love the rings and how you wear them, so original

  7. Emanuel I. says:

    Oh yeah…
    Rochiile alea sunt inspirate de tine, nu?
    Esti superba. Din nou.
    Dar asta stii deja…

  8. style and style says:

    Adorable dresses, dear. You are wonderful. The last image is so cute 😉

  9. ancapink says:


  10. cool babe says:

    I have to wonder, how can you look soooooo perfect every time??? Ha??? :)))) It’s a real treat to follow you, dear

  11. glam and glam says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the red dress on you

  12. high heels says:

    GOD < that picture with you on the stairs is just beautiful. And you didn't say, what did your boyfriend say of you with this delicate look? Was is worth it? 🙂

  13. princess or something like that says:

    Always a pleasure to visit your site, dear countess! lovely :*

  14. princess or something like that says:

    Ohhhh…..OHHHHH……ballet….such a fairytale 🙂 But, you know, you do look like a natural 😉

  15. creme de la creme says:

    Thanks for the advice dear, that magazine looks tempting!

  16. vivienne says:

    very adorable look 🙂 and nice magazine btw, all hollow is on everybody’s lips right now, so maybe i should get it myself 🙂 especially when you recommend it. Kiss kiss kiss

  17. mariah carey says:

    Have I told you lately…that i LOVE YOU? Well it’s not hard when you manage to make my days lighter with your stories and adventures. Congratulations on everything! And I’m sure I’m not the only one 😉

  18. Georgiana says:

    Stii cat sunt de invidioasa pe decolteul tau? Rochia rosie parca e facuta special pentru tine!

  19. Ana Morodan says:

    Va multumesc dragele mele. Va multumesc ca v-ati facut timp sa-mi spuneti cuvinte frumoase <3

  20. Zadin says:

    Impecabilă, ador prima poza. Totul este high class!

  21. Mara says:

    Geniale rochitele, felicitari

  22. Anaivilo says:

    Da…sa fii balerina implica multa forta si putere si ambitie mai ales. Greu greu greu! Si eu as vrea niste poante , uite asa sa fac poze ca tine, care sunt splendide! 😀

  23. Noree says:

    Push the ankles forward more 😀 I miss my black pointes, need to dig them out from the back of the closet. Look =^.^= :

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