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Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan




Dear all, that`s Me, like Now. Well, 40 minutes ago actually. I`m in Mamaia for a cool project and I`m doing this almost live posting thing because I want to talk with you about a daily aspect of our routine life which is starting to become more and more impactful in our lives – paying with the card – I was trying to buy a hot dog and they told me that they are only accepting card payments #itsahotdogman!!! #nouse

For me it`s actually a blessing because taking care of money never worked for me. I`m not keeping them in my wallet or always losing them  because, yeah, I`m this reckless midget when it comes to the financial aspect of my life – I`m working on fixing this problem, stop shouting.


Alpha Bank invited me over lunch to talk about their Alpha Card Visa Gold – I`m going to tell you about the benefits also (in Romanian, I know, you are more comfortable with the technical details to be written in Romanian), because they are many and they are worth keeping in mind. Also, what`s truly great is that you can easily use it while you`re traveling (the holiday season is cominggg) – I say this because I`ve recently returned from Thailand and we`ve experienced personally the troubles you might get into because you don`t have the right type of card and the facilities are not good enough.

 Ana MorodanH&M jeans, Zara blouse, Bensimon sneakers from Anastasia and The Funky Twins, Celine sunglasses from Optiblu, YSL bag and a Perpetual Icons magic scarf

 © Serban Cristea



 And because Alpha Bank invited me over lunch here`s the Catch – if you apply for a personalized offer on the Alpha Card Visa Gold here you enroll for a chance to win


A BRUNCH WITH ME  #tadaaaa.


I`ll come prepared with the most marvelous stories. And we`ll have fun. And gin tonics. And delicious food. And lots of laughter.


When you hit 30 you start realizing that besides a good moisturizer your have to man up and take responsibility for your actions, including the spending aspect. Having a card makes me feel empowered and helps me take care of my financial resources better, if I get even some money back for that, by all means, bring it to me. And it`s a Gold. Like a true modern lady – The right amount of wit, a designer bag and a gold card and you`re set –  The world is yours.


I can`t wait to see which one of you will have brunch with me heart ana


Here are the terms and conditions and as promised, here are the most important benefits of Alpha Card Visa Gold:


• 0% comision pentru toate platile cu cardul la comerciantii din Romania si strainatate;
• 0% dobanda pentru toate platile cu cardul la comercianti, oriunde in lume daca rambursezi toata suma datorata pana la data scadenta;
• poti beneficia de o perioada de gratie de pana la 55 de zile;
• suma minima de rambursat lunar este de doar 2,5% din suma utilizata (minim 10 lei) plus toate dobanzile si comisioanele aferente;
• până la 12 rate cu 0% dobândă la comercianţii parteneri. Consultă lista partenerilor pe;
• Rate Oriunde în Lume, 3, 6, 9 sau 12 rate pentru orice tranzacţie în România sau în străinătate;
• reduceri de până la 50% în magazinele partenere. Consultă lista pe;
• La platile de minim 100 lei cu cardul de credit ABR, clientul va primi inapoi pana la 20 de lei pentru fiecare tranzactie de cumparare, dupa cum urmeaza:
1. 5 lei pentru fiecare tranzactie de cumparare intre 100-200 lei
2. 10 lei pentru fiecare tranzactie de cumparare intre 200 – 400 lei
3. 20 lei pentru fiecare tranzactie de cumparare peste 400 lei
4. Poate fi restituit maxim 400 lei per card.











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  1. Ce s-a intamplat cu rujul rosu? 😛

  2. High Heels says:

    You look great with that scarf, I love the outfit, it’s so relaxed

  3. maria says:

    pe langa faptul ca e Gold, which is pretty awesome, mai e si cu rate?! bring it tooooo meeee :))

  4. Elena Ilie says:

    super facilitati, super outfit, sper ca vom avea un super brunch impreuna 🙂

  5. Edna says:

    a Gold Card is like a designer bag, you must have it at some point 😉

  6. alina says:

    arati minunat

  7. Marina Dobre says:

    esarfa este superba, imi place la nebunie

  8. yoko says:

    love the wind in your hair, so romantic

  9. Elena Lucian says:

    stiu cum e sa ai nevoie de un astfel de card, mai ales in strainatate. I tell you, e un pas care merita facut

  10. MiraBella says:

    I want this card and that bag NOW 🙂

  11. Ioana Popa says:

    reduceri, rate, bani inapoi, de ce n-am stiut de asta pana acum?! superba vestea, multumesc pentru ea 😉

  12. Ada says:

    I am definetly copying this outfit tomorrow at work 🙂

  13. Mimi R. says:

    one of the best tips you ever gave me 🙂 thanks, hope to see you at brunch

  14. irina mateescu says:

    oferta e foarte buna si recunosc, mi-am dorit un Gold Card mai tare decat o poseta cu semnatura celebra, asa ca ma inscriu categoric 🙂

  15. la_bella_contessa says:

    you look great with a natural look, i love it

  16. LoreDana says:

    un sfat minunat, cred ca aceasta minune Gold (my fav color) o sa fie un partener de nadejde pentru mine 🙂

  17. Etta says:

    the forever amazing striped blouse and the always there when you need it, the Gold Card. I have one, trust it’s the best

  18. Ionela Stanciulescu says:

    ce tare, fashion si sfaturi bancare intr-un singur loc 🙂 oferta e foarte buna, ma voi gandi serios la ea

    PS: ochelarii sunt superbi

  19. Maxy says:

    Love the first photo

  20. Adina Stefan says:

    Lucrez cu Alpha de 5 ani si sunt foarte multumita iar cardul asta vine ca o bijuterie frumoasa dupa o relatie mai lunga: nu te astepti la ea, dar te bucura enorm 😉

  21. Livia says:

    O tinuta atat de simpla si totusi atat de frumoasa 🙂

  22. adriana ene says:

    the scarf and sunglasses are simply perfect

  23. Paulina Nedelcu says:

    Chiar cautam un produs de genul acesta si Alpha Bank Gold Card e foarte potrivit nevoilor mele

  24. stefy says:

    great clean look

  25. Amalia says:

    Draga mea, arati minunat si m-ai inspirat sa fug un weekend la mare pentru relaxare 🙂

  26. Carina says:

    Coolest sunglasses ever ❤️

  27. Catalina Andrei says:

    Hmmm, cred ca ai dreptate cu finantele si cardul 🙂

  28. Johanna says:

    Great YSL bag

  29. Pink Fairy says:

    I love the way you pair Bensimons with an YSL, so cool

  30. Oana Alexandra says:

    Mie imi lipsesc multe din cele de mai sus, dar primele pe care le voi rezolva vor fi cardul si o esarfa superba 🙂

  31. Simo Dimo says:

    Love this outfit, it’s so me and so you 🙂

  32. Maria says:

    Dear Gold Card, can’t wait to have you 🙂

    Dear Ana, can’t wait to meet you 😉

  33. Ema says:

    Eșarfa ca eșarfa, dar eu m-am îndrăgostit de poșetă <3

  34. Daky says:

    Imi plac foarte mult sfaturile tale si mi-as dori sa ne vedem la un ceai sau o cafea, ma inspiri foarte mult si as fi curioasa de unde as putea gasi finantare sau sponsorizare penru o mica activitate foarte draga, o mica afacere de croitorie

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