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Ever since my psychologist told me that she noticed my constant need of calmness, taking it easy and building my own universe, I realized that I really feel this way. And that I am not the only one. That is a trend or better yet, a vibe that gathers more and more people who just want to unplug and get back to the simple values of life. #whicharereallymorerewardingthanbuyingavalentinobag

As you know, I am an avid city breaker and most of my two days breaks are spent in different mansions or lodges around the country. What you`ll see below is the first episode of my The Art of Slow Living campaign with Cabana Hadar Nature Resort.


This place blew my mind in the most positive way with some really awesome power points. But take a look first and I`ll wait for you below.



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That`s me trying to walk this huge and extremely overjoyed puppy


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ANAMORDAN COM 1I am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress, Bensimon sneakers, an H&M hat and a vintage necklace

© Serban Cristea



Yes, you guessed it right! It`s nature! This luxury mountain lodge is situated in the middle of the nature. In a not so populated nor visited area, where the nature is still undamaged, were you spend your days in complete silence or you can marvel at the beautiful view of lake Siriu, the Muddy Volcanos, The Buzau Valey, some cool animal reservations and lots of hiking paths.

My second argument for picking them as my favorite place to unplug and fill my batteries, are their facilities – an outside heated pool, a tennis court, ping-pong tables and 7 acres of gardens where you feel like you`re in Eden. #literally #nottheVictorieigarden


My next argument would be their natural and healthy food  (Serban still mentions Petruta`s dishes) and their extremely warm and polite staff #nopr along with their cozy rooms, a romantic fireplace in the living room. But these are stories I`ll tell you in the next episode of  The Art of Slow Living at Cabana Hadar Nature Resort.


 .I for one I feel at peace every time I choose to spend two days in a peaceful and cozy place surrounded by nature. It gives me power to work harder for my dreams and it makes me happy. It took me 29 years and too much money spent on things I don`t need to realize this, but now that I did I finally feel at peace and connected with the things that are really important in our lives.


web_C_Hladi-8387-2 .


Check them out at


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


The Slow Living aficionado, Anetta von Bananetta


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  1. Style Bubble says:

    nice dress, love how you wore that beautiful hat with it

  2. Fusta Bunicii says:

    sublima rochie si atmosfera

  3. Viviana Fashionista says:

    ma bucur ca cineva cu atata vizibilitate ca tine vorbeste despre lucrurile care sunt cu adevarat importante, si care ar face lumea asta mai frumoasa 🙂 love you for that!


    love the look and the place! and especially the color of your lips! did you change the lipstick?

  5. Baby Jean says:

    foarte frumos!

  6. We Have Style says:

    looks like the place to go and relax away from the stress and the smoky city! looks nice

  7. Fete Fine says:

    totul arata superb, garadina, cabana, peisajul, si au si teren de tenis, ceea ce pentru mine inseamna ca n-o sa stau nemiscata 🙂 din contra!

  8. kiki J says:

    ma bucur sa vad ca sustii arta de a trai incet 🙂

  9. question everything says:

    all i can say is just “wish i was there”!

  10. Anamaria1086 says:

    Eu observ, dupa mai multe posturi, o diferenta enorma intre fotografiile facute de Silvia si cele facute de Serban. Stiu, Silvia e fotograf profesionist, dar fotografiile sunt asa de prelucrate, ca arati perfect, dar parca nu esti tu.
    Pe cand la Serban observ o simetrie si-un spirit pentru detaliu extrem de fin, care te pun asa natural si frumos in evidenta.
    Asa ca un BIG LIKE pentru Serban, ca reuseste sa te puna in prim-plan extraordinar.

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Haha :)) Draga mea sunt convinsa ca Serban se va bucura de aprecierile tale :). Pentru exact aceleasi motive il stresez si eu mereu sa-mi faca poze :))

      However, sa stii ca nici Serban si nici Silvia nu-mi editeaza pozele. Editorul foto este in ambele cazuri, acelasi 🙂

  11. bianca says:

    it’s like a fairytale, loved this one!

  12. Nobody's Wife says:

    mmmmm….foarte tentant locul asta mai ales dupa ce saptamana nebuna am avut…

  13. Style Bomb says:

    uuu so American luxury country like 🙂 love it dear!

  14. C.L. says:

    glorious lifestyle <3

  15. Why Not says:

    i am so so mad about his dress, i just love it, Clara Rotescu makes such beautiful things to wear

  16. From Style Country says:

    multumesc ana pentru inca un sfat util, acum ca a venit vremea frumoasa si putem sa ne bucuram de natura, n-ar strica sa dau o tura de relaxare la Cabana Hadar, simt pur si simplu ca merit asa ceva, cred ca intelegi ce vreau sa spun

  17. Ginger Girl says:

    ah! tennis! the new cool thing to do!

  18. hermina toma says:

    rafinata ca o English Lady :))

  19. Rochita Silviei says:

    ma bucur foarte mult ca ajungi in locuri atat de frumoase si aflam si noi de ele. e o adevarata placere sa caut solutii pentru viata mea intr-un singur loc, inclusiv modul in care m-as imbraca 🙂


  20. vivi says:

    so romantic and chic…

  21. samantha says:

    you know i also noticed how much more warm the photos srban takes of you are? you can feel that je ne sais quoi you know? love them, it is always a pleasure

  22. denise fiona lewis says:

    hey what a cute doggy! is it the caban’s?

  23. Fashion Now says:

    i’ll keep this place in mind 🙂

  24. Kira Ioana says:

    slow living este clar the coolest thing right now, si chiar daca este un trend, spr ca macar ca schimbe mentalitati si sa pretuim mai mult natura, si locuri frumoase ca acesta

  25. Happy says:


  26. MARTA'S CLOSET says:

    asa da pauza de oras! e minunaA atmosfera, si intr-adevar tentanta o escapada 🙂

  27. J.S. Luna says:

    a glass of wine in a sea of green grass and mountain fresh air…aahhh….

  28. beatrice beatrice says:

    you are beautiful Ana!

  29. July says:

    seems like i am not the only one with vacation on my mind 😉

  30. Mada says:

    Where, where, where can I find that gorgeous dress? I feel like they’re all stored somewhere just for you :-<

  31. fiona hey says:

    i am so jealous! I want there now!

  32. Georgette Girl says:

    well, this sounds like a good plan, you actually gave me a cool idea of what to do for my birthday instead of spending loads on cloathes!

  33. bebe says:

    chiar ca iti face pozele cele mai frumoase Serban, au ceva special 🙂

  34. Vox Stylish says:

    super cool outfit!

  35. Lena says:

    mama mia Ana ce pofta de iesit in natura mi-ai facut! chiar ca, ia sa le mai dau incolo de mall-uri si sa ma relaxez cu adevarat! acum sa-l conving si pe el!

  36. mary says:

    well, today is no exception, you are definitely wearing your white travel sneakers! i just love that!

  37. Bum Bum Carmen says:

    oh c’est tres tres jolie <3
    iti sta asa bine in rochia asta parca esti o papusa vie :)))

  38. Lolita says:

    ahaha foarte funny pozele cu catelul :))))))

  39. China Girl says:

    uh and the art of dressing properly i might say :0 when living it slow 🙂 love it!

  40. popescu A. says:

    palaria aia face totul! minunat!

  41. Passion for Style says:

    i am charmed with all of this, makes wanna shut my phone down are run away!

  42. Ai mare dreptate! Pozele sunt superbe si tu esti o faina. Chiar e cel mai usor sa te regasesti in natura…

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