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1 November 2014 / By / 37 Comments

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan comI am wearing a Mexx blouse  and  leather skirt and Diesel jacket all available on Fashion Days  earrings and ring soon available on AEP

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




As statistics show, you, people, the ones who read my blog, are smart, literate, you posses a different and refined aesthetic and you are far from being ignorant, cheap or narrow minded. Now, before I brag you and with you a whole lot more – you are interesting and interested in being aware of the world we are live in. And you are many.

Tomorrow is the day when we all have to do our citizen duty and Vote. I am sure we all understand the necessity of doing this. We are the young generation but we are not that young anymore to allow ourselves the ignorance of not voting. That would be, from my point of view, out of the question, irresponsible and just low.

Fashion may be amazing, it may empower us and make us feel cool/chic/elegant/one of a kind but there are times when more important things should catch our attention. There are times when we have to remember our duty, there are times when we have to stand united.


I am not going to tell you whom to vote with. I am confident that since you`re smart, elevated and connected to what this country is going through, you know very well. But I am going to ask you to vote because I am one of those people who believes that maybe sometimes later, but eventually, good will prevail.


And I want you go and VOTE because I also understood that we are the heroes of your generation. And you, my community is made of heroes. And heroes do their duty, never quit, take responsibility and most of all, believe that they are the change they want to see in others.









Ana Morodan

Yes, this is my voting outfit. What`d you expect? A leaf swimsuit?



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  1. aelena says:

    great outfit!

  2. roxana stan says:

    e adevarat, ar trebui sa iesim cu totii la vot! mai ales tinerii care vor un viitor in tara asta!

  3. Felly says:

    voting is one the most important actions we need to take if we really want change!

  4. Ioana Irina says:

    anul asta mi se pare mai mult ca oricand ca toata media ne indeamna sa iesim la vot! poate chiar vom produse o schimbare, ACEA schimbare de care avem nevoie!

  5. crina says:

    splendida tinuta!

  6. Polly says:

    great jacket! I love it!

  7. viorela ion says:


  8. Andreea Ioana says:

    am fost la vot si mi s-a parut ca e mai multa prezenta ca niciodata!

  9. mihnea says:

    daca vreti o schimbare, azi e momentul s-o faceti!

  10. Jana says:

    camasa e minunata! arati foarte professional 🙂

  11. dinaaa says:

    haideti sa ne schimbam viitorul! pentru copiii nostri daca nu pentru noi!

  12. Vero Paap says:

    great outfit and great advice! #standup for Romania , VOTE and make a change! WE ALL NEED IT!

  13. ECATERINA says:

    mi-e teama ca voi vota in zadar ca si pana acum. cred ca asta ne tine pe cei mai multi dintre noi departe de sectii. mi se pare ca suntem intr-o situatie fara iesire

    • Loredana Sarbu says:

      Ecaterina, pe asta se bazeaza si ei! E total gresita gandirea ta!

  14. raluca_2000 says:

    voi vota si acum si in turul doi si sper ca vom fi cat mai multi. avem nevoie de o schimbare radicala!

  15. ulyana says:

    you have some of the most magnificent accesories! you are a great inspiration!

  16. Skinny says:

    the jacket is a must have! definetly on top of my autumn wishlist! I love Diesel

  17. Betty says:

    pe oricine am vota trebuie sa votam! prezenta la vot e singura solutie impotriva fraudei electorale!

  18. nadia dima says:

    ma bucur sa vad ca o tanara considerata model de multi din generatia ei e atat de hotarata cand vine vorba de vot! sper sa fie mai multi ca tine, CAT MAI MULTI!

  19. Lazar Diana says:

    10 pentru atitudine! sper ca tinerii sa nu fie indiferenti astazi!

    • Cristina Dinu says:

      Diana, am vazut foarte multi tineri la sectii, iar coada de studenti din regie m a impresionat! Sper din inima ca vom reusi!

  20. Radu Luciana says:

    great outfit for a great day, the day we can change our future. and we ALL must contribute!

  21. Tudora says:

    we are the change we want to see in the world! #voteforthefuture

  22. puiu carmen says:

    am votat si sper ca votul meu va conta!

  23. Corina Tudor says:

    dress up and vote! it’s not hard! have a relaxing sunday!

  24. Love for Fashion says:

    I love leather skirts! They are ageless!

  25. Casandra says:

    vad ca pe siteurile de socializare e o campanie destul de activa pro vot. sper sincer ca toti cei care sustin ca au votat si ne indeamna s-o facem chiar sa fi facut asta, sa nu scrie de pe canapea

  26. miha says:

    am patit situatia cu cererile la 3 sectii consecutiv! Mi s a parut bataie de joc dar m am mobilizat si nu am renuntat desi recunosc ca am fost tentata sa o fac

  27. laura stoian says:

    am votat si chiar daca rezultatul e cel la care ma asteptam, macar mi se pare destul de strans si cred ca avem o sansa la schimbare

  28. elena says:

    am fost multi astazi si sper ca vom fi multi si in turul 2. Schimbarea sta in mainile noastre!

  29. gina says:

    Chapeau for this post! You are young and inspiring, you have all the reasons to feel proud

  30. krissa says:

    m am bucurat ca am stat la coada ca sa votez!

  31. Latifah says:

    a white shirt with a bow is so elegant!

  32. olive says:

    I ❤️ Diesel!!!!! The jacket is amazing!

  33. Ioana says:

    Of course we voted and not only that. I personally dragged everyone I met yesterday with me to vote, I made sure that everyone understands the importance of being a citizen and doing what you have to do when you have to.
    You look superb, by the way!

  34. azielush says:

    Desi nu am resurse financiare chiar acum, i’d kill for your shoes, metaforic vorbind 😉

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