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the countess at her vacation homeI am wearing a Snobbish Breakfast skirt, Le Petit Indigent blouse, vintage earrings and a Stella McCartney ring

© Serban Cristea




Hello people,

What are you doing on this sunny, Autumn Saturday?


I am in Sibiu right now, left last night after my Book Club – I am so glad that I’ve met some of you, we had fun, didn’t we? – because I had to be here this morning to attend and judge a styling and design contest.



Here are my facts of the day:

  • I am wearing the Le Petit Indigent countess like blouse today like in these  pictures from the Malancrav Manor.
  • However, my hair isn’t that long anymore – you haven’t seen it yet but you’ll see it pretty soon – yep, I was in a hurry so I didn’t have the time to wait for my appointment at Robert and decided to cut my hair somewhere else. Bad decision, baddddd decision peopleee. Now I look like a petite Gavroche Well, it’s just hair. It will grow back.
  • Sibiu looks pretty awesome in Autumn. Oh, well, everything looks pretty awesome in Autumn if you ask me.
  • 30 unique photos from the past LOVED THEM – you must check them out – it’s like finding a hidden jewelry in your grandmother’s wardrobe








Le Petit Morodan

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  1. Janice Is Chic says:

    lovely blouse <3 !

  2. ClaudiaMitrea says:

    chiar ca ma duci cu gandul la o contesa 🙂 imi place mult lookul cu fusta asta luuuunga si bluza de o culoare si un material rafinate. rafinat 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    esti splendida! fotografiile sunt WOW (si cele din link)!

  4. Sylvie Marie says:

    looking amazing! got myself a “hurry” haircut, too!

  5. Chic Love says:

    loved the book, si mi-a placut si mai mult the book club 🙂

  6. Soos Cristina says:

    Imi place tare bluzita <3
    Pozele din link sunt foarte emotionante …
    acuma is foarte curioasa si astept sati vad freza !!!!
    Pupici :*

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