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22 December 2011 / By / 8 Comments

Nadina Campean – Editor Prezentator – Antena 3

Ioana Voicu -blogger –

Cristina Pana – Fashion Editor & blogger –

Diana Ioana Marasoiu – editor moda &cultura  –

Ioana Enache – Jewelry designer – Statement Jewelry by Ioana Enache

Medine Pop – blogger –
– PR &Buyer – Manoush

Raluca Muresan – Redactor Radio Romania Tineret
– PR Consultant

Denisa Luntraru – blogger –

Adriana Neagu – Editor at Large – Luxury Magazine

Andreea Retinschi – fotograf –

                  ©   LightaholicCatalin Opritescu

After some really hectic days and hours of scheduling we finally put together this month’s lookbook.

You can find above some of the women who inspired us this year.
This is our little tribute to them.

You can buy or order a dress at or at

So that you know, we live in chaos! Here’s the proof.(thank you Raluca for filming me in the exact moment when I was a bi*ch)


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  1. Diana says:

    pfoaaa pretty pretty girls! you seem to talk sooo fast!!! 🙂
    great job! the photos turned out to be amazing…and about the dresses I’ve already expressed my wow-nes!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Ana says:

    This is one nice tribute :)) gorgeous girls in magical dresses 🙂

  3. kate funk says:

    So obsessed with those floor length dresses! So pretty!

  4. Gorgeous girls and amazing dresses! My favorites are the maroon, lace, black and teal! 😀

  5. big likeee for the muses and for the collection!
    and for Raluca- congrats for the lovely video

  6. LaReK says:

    The red one and the lace one are my favorites. I love long sleeves dresses… It’s so hard to find this kind of dress in Brasil!


  7. Carolina says:

    Great post! The girls all wear beautiful outfit!

    Happy Holidays xxx

  8. Brilliant, thank you, I will subscribe to you RSS now! Louis Vuitton Outlet

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