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Hello love

Perfect touch

Morodan the little Statue

Lovely Ana

lovely Prague

Who s that



no, I am not taking a selfie (still having problems adjusting to this action – yesterday I took my second one)

Morodan is super fun

Walking in Prague

O pisica

Lady like Ana


anamorodan com

Who s there

Superb MorodanetteI am wearing Bensimon sneakers, H&M trench, Chanel bag & vintage pin

© Serban Cristea




If you are following me on Instagram you saw that I visited Prague last week. The last time I was in Prague it was Spring and since Autumn is my favorite time of the year I wanted to see this city at the beginning of this season also. I found the same serenity, the same medieval architecture and tons of tourists like the last time I was here but in Prague this whole visiting-the-city-by-tons-of-tourists-at-any-time hasn’t the same impact like in other cities. It does not tire you because everything inspires so much calmness. Or at least to me.


I’m saying goodbye now. My family goes through a very hard time right now and I have to be with them.


Goodbye people. Below, it’s me, on a rainy day. Yes, I agree, I look like a cartoon #acuteone


Morodanette Freezing




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    I love Prague !
    Imi pare nespus de rau , multa putere si ai grija de tine !
    Te pup si te imbratisez cu drag :*:*

  2. arati superb, toate pozele sunt grozave (d`oh, as usual)! You are such an inspiration <3

  3. Louise says:

    Hello dear, you are extremely cute, not just cute #doubleblink in that pink rain coat!
    I am really sorry to hear that, hope it will be ok, and that you will pass through it with love and wisdom, I am telling you this because I am also having a difficult time, my grandfather is very ill… Anyways, the trench worn with your holiday (yes, I know about them :D) sneakers are genius and you fit lovely in a city like Prague. Man, was this a long message!

  4. Tamara Vancica says:

    ei, pur si simplu nu-mi pot lua ochii de la ultima poza, este minunata, esti superba, o figura de mi-li-oa-ne! very cute and stylish arati in Praga, e unul din orasele mele preferate <3

  5. Le chic says:

    love that one with the two white benches! stunning Ana!

  6. Corina says:

    Buna, sunt un mare consumator al post-urilor tale, iar astazi o declar in gura mare! Mi s-a facut un dor de Praga dupa ce am vazut fotografiile tale (minunate, apropos!), de nedescris 🙂 love the trench and your smile, iti doresc numai bine legat de familie.
    Cu drag,

  7. incredible mary says:

    wow! love how you use color Ana! sorry to hear that though…

  8. STYLE UP says:

    HAHA! IS THAT YOUUUUUU in roz? adorable! and what a great city…ah…love your instagram btw

  9. Emanuel I. says:

    Gorgeous , gorgeous, gorgeous !

  10. Eva says:

    Ooh girl, just now browsing your posts after a while and i found out u were In my homecountry and i didnt even know that hehe. Glad that u seemed to enjoy your trip so maybe u will be back soon and i will be lucky enough to bump into you :-))

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