Designing Our New Offices and the Morodan Shop Showroom – Step 1

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Ana Morodan


Ana Morodan 5Ludmila Corlateanu dress – Smiling Shoes heels – H&M earrings – iLUX jewelry box

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at the Morodan Offices






What? What`!??!?! What do you mean `She did not do that for real`?   Pfff, why are you so carcatoasi, dom`le?



Ok, fine. Fineeee. We had a little bit of fun. Renovating and decorating our new offices and showroom proves to be quite challenging. Yeah, and all in a dead beat heat. One petite air conditioning for five rooms. #wearedyingoverhere. But we`re installing another two this week so hurrayyy ca altfel si lesinam, direct.

Yes, we painted the walls white. Of course we`ll use  powder pink also but we left this color for the couches and decorations 5b



I still remember when I first announced that I found a new place for the Morodan Shop headquarters  – at least a dozen emails came in the first hours, all kinds of collaboration proposals. I`m grateful for being valued by so many people and brands and I thank you all for your desire to land a hand. For a self made entrepreneur this means a lot. The feeling that you`re not alone 9b


One of those emails came from Adeplast – the most important construction materials producer in Romania. When they offered to take care of the renovation part of our offices I was quite skeptical. The kind of `aaa NO, I know everything, who are you? skeptical  #idiot



Until I heard that they renovated also the Gabroveni Inn. You know me, the always in love with Interbelic or Belle Epoque buildings…hmmm. I was almost convinced. But the final, final, finallll decision of me partnering with this brand was based on this yes, they will renovate an entire school. And maybe many more.



We did quite a cool job together and I can`t wait for everything to be finished and to show you all our summer work. Adeplast teamed with Dufa for their professional line of materials so thanks to them we have a burgundy exterior and a white and grey interior. Our showroom will look awesomeeeeee – #overexcited prick – and I can`t wait to invite you all for tea.



Oh, and our rescue cat,




`HI, Morodan`s virtual friends. Please come by and help me destroy all of her furniture and curtains. Thank you all. Goodbye.`












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  1. Abia astept sa va fac o vizita 😀

  2. High Heels says:

    Amazing dress, and the scenery is so so cool :)) i wish i could paint my house in that dress 😉

  3. daniela s says:

    Fitz e mare iubitor de gablonturi 🙂

  4. Mimi says:

    Si noi tot cu Superweiss am renovat :)) bravo, abia astept sa vad poze cu varianta finala

  5. Radu Stefania says:

    Asta inseamna sa fii un om apreciat, ma bucur tare pentru tine

  6. anamaria says:

    wow to the dress, ❤️ to the rescue cat

  7. milena says:

    love the dress, so feminine and versatile. I would wear it with boots as well, and a cool jacket 😉

  8. Elena Nicolae says:

    ar fi perfect daca mai multe firme de acest gen ar renova scoli sau spitale din tara. e nevoie de ajutorul tuturor

  9. LoreDana says:

    How lovely, I want a caaaaaaat :))))

  10. Margarita says:

    Sunt sigura ca noul showroom va arata splendid, abia astept sa vin in vizita

  11. Edna says:

    The clevage is stunning, I admit :)))

  12. otilia says:

    sper ca vei avea macar o piesa de mobilier cu flori. abia astept sa vad ce idei mai “fur” de la tine, hihi

  13. Natasha says:

    You look breathtaking <3 <3 <3

  14. Abia astept sa vad cum o sa arate rezultatul final.

  15. duta gina says:

    cred ca va fi un loc de vis ❤️

  16. Ioana Radulescu says:

    Stiam eu de ce am asteptat pana acum sa-mi comand o piesa de pe Morodan Shop, ca sa vin la showroom :))) abia astept

  17. Teo Draga says:

    Daca Fitz alege totusi sa murdareasca peretii, sa stii ca se spala super usor, vopseaua e the best

  18. despina says:

    o rochie cu flori SI funde?! minunataaaaa

  19. Anita P says:

    Superba! Si Fitz e exact accesoriul de care aveai nevoie 🙂

  20. mara z says:

    Fitzgerald, so aristocratic :)) I hope he will not ruin the furniture and the dresses, though 🙂

  21. ely says:

    the dress is amazing and so so you

  22. Virginia Oancea says:

    Foarte frumos, abia astept sa vad rezultatul final, sunt sigura ca va fi un mic chateau 🙂

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