Redesign YourSelf by Baneasa Shopping City – Episode 7 – Mentors and Their Feedback

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5 November 2015 / By / 7 Comments



The mentors have their say. Let`s see what they think about how things evolved with the participants and which one of them had the most rocket speed evolution.





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  1. kiki says:

    you look amazing, love the new hairstyle

  2. Laura Danciu says:

    detox de garderoba <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. lili says:

    cerceii perfecti

  4. Natalia V. says:

    abia astept finalul, cu poze before and after, ala o sa fie wow

  5. AnaMaria says:

    Foarte foarte tare, acum ma uit si la episoadele pe care nu le-am vazut.
    Super idee

  6. andreea says:

    cata munca la sala, admirabil

  7. Iulia Nastea says:

    Love your cullottes ❤️❤️

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