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Ana at Eclectico-1

The Countess Morodan

Back up Morodan

Contesa Morodan

Lights at Eclectico Studio

Morodan the countess at Eclectico

Petit Countess

Awesome Morodan

Art MorodanI am wearing my absolute love when it comes to dresses this year, from Parlor and Volutes scent from Diptyque

© Serban Cristea at Eclectico Studio





What is “cool” for me?

Have you asked yourself this question? Like what cool REALLY means for you?

I started thinking of this yesterday when a person I met told me that her definition of “cool” was always dictated by others – so fucking wrong people! You’ll end up old and realize that you lived your lives not the way you wanted but how other people wanted, and that’s just wrong and sad.

But this is not a lecture because, as I told you, I have a very good definition of “cool” implemented in my brain ever since 10 years ago. With the passing of time it just got stronger.


Therefore, here are some of the things that are the definition of cool for me


  • Luisa Casati – she will fascinate and inspire me eternally
  • Autumn
  • Twin bracelets
  • Red nails – I had a teacher in high school (nu stiu cum se zice diriginta) which was an amazing and inspiring person. She taught us what elegance, manners, being a woman means. She is an awesome human being and an inspiring woman. For four years I saw her almost every day, her nails were always red. It stuck in my mind.
  • Italy, Italian interior decorations
  • Women with lots of self-confidence
  • Long dresses – they don’t call me a Countess for nothing
  • Passion for what you love and capacity to work for it
  • Drinking your tea from tea cups even when nobody sees you
  • The 19th Century
  • Castles



Speaking about Italy and Italian style, here’s a video that I saw yesterday on Peroni Diario that really set my mood.




Before I go and run to some meetings I have 2 more observations to make


1.  Why did I even consider dreaming that this would be a less busy period for me?!?! Wronnngggg.

2.  As you can see, I visited Eclectico Studio the other day. The selection of furniture and decorations is perfect and the place looks awesome. You should pay them a visit. Also, make sure you stop and drink a lemonade at their bistro – it is delicious!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Silvia Popescu says:

    This is really awesome Ana! I adore it <3

  2. My fashion Story says:

    I love everything about this blog. Your fashion stories and topics!

  3. Miruna Darie says:

    Ana, I was away for a few weeks and had no internet (horror). I returned to see you more amazing than I left you!

    You really rock! There’s no one like you. And Photoshop will not make other pictures as amazing as you real ones are 😉

  4. Alexa says:

    Countess Morodanette,

    You look uber stylish. Like a timeless queen.Love,Love,Loveeeee

  5. fucsia love says:

    Darling, darling Ana, i love you and your long dresses. This dress is stunning :* loved the tea cups note, cause i do

  6. gina says:

    women with lots of self confidence! yes!

  7. Nicole says:

    what is cool? first of all, it is about being laid back, no matter how much you work, or handle. it is where cool starts, and ends. well, my thoughts only?

  8. VERO says:

    I know you’re going to enjoy this, but you definitely have something of Luisa Casati’s flavor. You captured it. You did, you did! So lovely! Kiss!

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