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Ana Morodan 5Morodan Shop dress – Hardot heels



Morodan, you love pumpkins because you have/ wear two all year along. 


Well thank you Ovidiu. Maybe it`s because of that, or who knows, maybe it`s a detail I`ve obsessed with in another life, fact is pumpkins are my addiction during Autumn. I`ve searched for a few ones all over Bucharest and didn`t find any.  I even shouted for help and I don`t ever do that – because I`m an independent bitch, man.


Eventually found these at  Hadar Chalet  and brought them at the Morodan Shop showroom. 



Naturally, I overjoyed when I found this arrangement made by Purple Flowers at Stejarii Pool Club

Ana MorodanH&M BALMAINATION outfit – available starting with 5th of November – Zara heels 



Inside a bra or used for deco arrangements, admit it, pumpkins are awesome and M-A-G-I-C-A-L 2b




Au revoirrrrrrrr adica Pa










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