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15 November 2011 / By / 6 Comments

I was extremely excited when the guys at Prime Maraton contacted me to speak at their nightly workshop.
We talked about the importance of new media and self promotion online.
Thank you PRIME MARATON  for having me and baring through my whole senseless talking.

Funny fact:   Being so nice, the organizers offered to pick me up in case I have trouble finding the address. Which they did. Guess what? The place was just across the street. They only thing I had to do was just stop from being so space out and watch the address, but no, no, you expect too much.



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  1. must’ve been a great event, i would’ve loved to come too, but i found out about it when they were already posting photos on facebook, haha.

    Costin M.

  2. same problem as Costin here :)) Could you make a post about what you spoke? maybe some tips and tricks about self promotion online?

  3. How exciting! And that’s so funny that it was only across the street XDXD

  4. So nice… Congrats! And I don’t think you were such a senseless talker as you say… I just don’t want to believe something like that!

  5. colorsdiary says:

    did anyone made a video about this? i m so curious of your speach. let me just go and search for it 😀

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