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Morodan at her party at Gaia

Ana hosting her party at Gaia

Ana and some of her friends at her party at GaiaPhotos by Radu Nutu





I LOVE my life! I really do, and I love all of you! I had THE most glamorous time at the Aristocrat party hosted by me at Gaia. We had a blast. A glamorous blast, of course. Did I tell you I love you? #blush #sparkleintheeye

I had the best party glam-accomplices, hope you had the same amount of fun as I did. Loved your styles and smiles.

Oh my God I just remembered something, like a flashback! oh GOD! Can’t believe I did that in the middle of the party. Can’t tell what it is though, but I can tell you I wasn’t holding my first cocktail glass. Changing the subject (rapidly), I am super excited about the photos from the Aristocrat *Glam* Party, it’s something I will want to remember cause I had the most fun in a long while – I pray to all the saints that all my parties will be as perfect as this one. I met some amazing cool and styled up ladies, and I broke a heal. OOPS.


Thought you might want to have a souvenir from that night as well, and thought I’d give you a glimpse of what it was like, for those of you who didn’t make it.






Anette von Gaia

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  1. Lory Story says:

    will there be another party soon? would love to come and glam with the girls

  2. irinuca says:

    looooooooooove your dress dear! looks like a lot of fun over there!!!

  3. anca horea says:

    striking dress Ana!

  4. Janice Is Chic says:

    looks like a whole lot of fun, you look perfect! lets see…oh yes, i adore Noemi’s kimono as well, and…hihi “m-a luat gaia” very funny 😀 …and that’s it. and I LOVE YOUR SHOES <3

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