One Valentine Giveaway You Should Really Know About

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10 February 2017 / By / 9 Comments

I found these pictures while scrolling down the blog and I have to confess I almost forgot about about them – Yeah, the era when I was thin and young was quite long ago – but more importantly, I have just remembered that I promised to talk to you about a cool giveaway you should check out. Sorry To Do List, I #Rezist these days, so you’ve been postponed. Nonetheless, good thing I remembered – that Ginseng is really working – I just had to tell you about this Douglas campaign


It’s something that should tickle your fancy because by ordering a special gift for your life partner from these selected products , you are also joining the giveaway for A WEEKEND IN MADRID for two – I plan to take the M office there in March, I heard it’s tha’ bomb – as well as two VIP tickets at a Real Madrid game. But that’s the icing on the cake. The cake will be that weekend in Madriddddd.  


You have only five days left, so plan your shopping carefully and keep your fingers crossed. 

And also, for the sake of nostalgia,  please sigh with me in celebration of an era when eating junk food didn’t show on my body. Oh, the daysssss. 





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  1. Simone says:

    Rochia verde din ultima poza e perfecta ?

  2. Maddy says:

    Madrid, here I come! #FingersCrossed

  3. Anamaria Leordean says:

    Ce frumos! Vad ca cei de la Douglas au si parfumul preferat al iubitului meu, deci in mod sigur voi participa 🙂

  4. pussycat says:

    Chiar incepeam sa ma stresez in legatura cu cadoul de Sf Valentin :)) O iau ca pe un semn.

  5. bia says:

    Ador tinuta din poza a doua si concursul Douglas si mai si!!

  6. Mimi says:

    Madridul e orasul meu preferat din Europa, sunt sigura ca o sa va placa acolo!

  7. Adela D says:

    Ce giveaway cool 😀

  8. Morofan says:

    You were gorgeous then & you are stunning now. As you will be, always, because your character & authenticity is worth way more than what you look like.

  9. Asterienne says:

    So beautiful, so sexy! You look like a pampered princess there!

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