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23 September 2014 / By / 30 Comments

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anetta and hagen dazs

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anamorodan com 2I am wearing an M.Marquise jumpsuit and a custom made head accessory

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev in Milan



Milan, Italy, pizza, meetings and most of all, the joy of synchronizing my trip with my friends`s  schedule so we can all hang out and have fun in some of Milan`s beautiful areas. At this point in my life having fun is described best by having dinner and chatting with my friends in beautiful and cozy locations. I feel the need to state this since Lightaholic was constantly making fun of me that I was a party animal and now I behave like a retired mouse.


Now, the matter at hand:

Yes, I am sure you`ve raised your eyebrow. How could I taste another ice cream in the most famous country for its gelato?

Ohhh my darlings, without any kind of remorse even. Because I didn`t taste any kind of ice cream in Italy.  I tasted Hagen-Dazs  Secret Sensations which is more than an ice cream. It`s a delicious desert that makes your senses blow your mind with pleasure. And this is not PR. We`ve all tested it. Andra Andreescu, Lightaholic, Silvia Postolatiev and Alina Gherghe. All my friends tried it and went mad with pleasure.

We went down to two flavors – Chocolate Fondant and Creme Burlee. I for one, I pick Chocolate Fondant. The pieces of melted chocolate inserted in the ice cream makes me crumble with pleasure each time I taste it.


 Here are few things of which Hagen- Dazs Secret Sensations makes me think of when I taste it:


I think it`s true, if you know exactly what you want/need/like things tend to come to you. Just how I knew that no matter how much gelato will be around me, I`ll still adore my Hagen Dazs – Secret Sensations. And out of the blue I got it delivered to our hotel room. #iplaytrickswithmymind





Secret Ana

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  1. Dalia says:

    aceasta nebunie de pe cap e absolut superba!

  2. margot says:

    I only like ice cream in the cold seasons, so what a better day to tell me about Hagen- Dazs than this gloomy cold autumn day? I think creme brulee will be my favorite also

  3. licurici says:

    arati superb in salopeta asta!

  4. Claudia Pink says:

    i love ice cream for ever and ever! it’s the best desert!

  5. Love for Fashion says:

    the headpiece is WOW!

  6. LORA says:


  7. Irene says:

    Lenny and icecream…YUM! 🙂

  8. Sara Mora says:

    cool jumpsuit! red is such a passionate color

  9. icecreamlover says:

    orice cu creme brulee! orice, oricand! 🙂

  10. daniela stroe says:

    superba! abia astept alte poze din aventura la Milano. e orasul meu preferat

  11. Aliona Carp says:

    I love Milan!

  12. lina maxi says:

    Detaliul de pe salopeta e minunat! E o piesa care-ti va ramane si peste ani

  13. Dumitru Violeta says:

    superbe pozele! ti se potriveste Italia

  14. Sonia Lar says:

    I love Milan, I’m going to be there this weekend. too bad we couldn’t meet

  15. adriana catalina says:

    Hagen Dazs e ataaaat de buna! as manca non stop! vanilie for ever!

  16. tammy says:

    nu sunt mare fan inghetata, dar cand te vad parca parca as incerca 🙂

  17. carmen says:

    bijuteria de pe cap arata minunat!

    sper sa reusesc sa improvizez ceva asemanator 🙂

  18. AnneMarie says:

    the red countess in Milan! so glamourous!

  19. poison ivy says:

    sparkly as always

  20. florence says:

    quality time with friends is one of the most important things. must have been nice

  21. Laura Stanescu Pop says:

    superba salopeta! am descoperit de curand M Marquise si imi place mult. iar de inghetata nu mai vorbim 🙂

  22. la_bella_contessa says:

    I love your attitude!

  23. Mirela says:

    ce personaj e Catherine Baba! sunt absolut fascinata 🙂

  24. silvie says:

    doamne cat de buna e hagen dasz! ma bucur ca a ajuns si la noi.

  25. simone says:

    secret sensations with ice cream 🙂

  26. Lilly says:

    Milano iti prieste 🙂 esti superba

  27. Salopeta asta e “to die for “. Iti vine de minune <3

  28. Simo says:

    amazing amazing little retired mouse 😀

  29. Corina says:

    Inghetata mea preferata! Sa incerci si cu tiramsu, e deliciu!

  30. Sorina Stroie says:

    hagen dasz era obiectiv turistic in calatoriile mele, fie vara fie iarna :))

    n-am fost in italia, dar cred ca bate gelato 🙂

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