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Well, it happened last year and I see it is happening again. Each time I say `ok, I`m done, I can leave for a holiday, somewhere nice and relax` a MUST DO appears from nowhere. The perks of being an entrepreneuring/freelancing.

However, I am planning a rebellion against my TO DO list so that I can influence the Universe in the `vacation mood` kinda way and someone just came to help me. Oh, you`ll never guess who…


Ok,ok, I`ll tell you – it`s the cool Promenada Mall #tadaaaa


I hope you bought this month`s Harper`s Bazaar Magazine because there I was telling you guys that I am practically a mess when it comes to packing. I am an unorganized devil and I always end up carrying lots of useless stuff with me, which becomes pretty annoying (Serban is practically dying when he has to carry all this useless stuff) Well, what Promenada Mall proposed is to pick whatever I would dream to take in my luggage for this vacation, which you might admit, is pretty awesome!


Therefore, today I`m showing you some of the things I picked at my first stroll around the mall.

My first stop was DANA, because she has these awesome summer dresses made of natural fibers and the one I am wearing today is among my favorites. I dream at the mustard one I`ve seen on the beautiful Connie Preda and next week they will refill the stock. It will be mineeeee.





My next stop was ALL SHOES because I need some fancy flats. Yes, flats! I am getting old and I am going on vacation. I`ve seen Daphne Guinness wearing flats for Christ`s sake so I am most surely allowed. Couldn`t help of trying on some high heels though..


#fffffinduckface #idiot

love all shoes


.I picked these glittery loafers – they`re so Dorothy from Oz meets the Space Odyssey, don`t you think?


all shoes


One of the brands you know I love is MANOUSH. They perfectly succeed in mixing sensuality with innocence so they had to be in my luggage. The sunny deux piece will be perfect for my summer getaway. And they have 50 % off #yeyy  Also, you can find MANOUSH only in Promenada so come take a look at their goodies.



manoush 2


 .My sunglasses had to be from OPTIBLU – they have the best selection – I am trying to decide between these two – Prada or Dior? Prada or Dior? Prada or Dior? Helpppp




Yes, in between being a fashionista and being all glitz and crazy, I also read. And I plan to do a lot of that in my vacation. I love book stores and I always buy the books I read. My mother taught me that this is a way of supporting the writers we admire. It was only natural to stop at Carturesti, this perfect book store, to search for some new books to read.


The Journal of Alice Voinescu and Diana Sorescu`s book – her articles – will come with me in this vacation. Diana Sorescu was a young and extremely bright journalist and she was my friend. This book is gathering together all her articles. Buy it and step into the world of a one of a kind lady. She will always be remembered.


carturesti 11



Pff, my final destination for today is Penti and I want to die because they have all the cool swimming suits and I need to try them on. I am a lazy idiot. Tried to take them all but they said I was too greedy.


pentiI wore a DANA dress and Cielo Venezia 1270 jewelry



Now, getting back to the `organized` thing. I picked only the necessary no? However, I still have room in my luggage and really now, I need some more stuff so I want you guys to help me and tell me in a comment what should tcomplete my holiday luggage. And this is really important and I really need you to help me because beside me packing, all this Promenada stroll is a challenge between me and my evil

Kitchen Victim partner – Mazilique.


Mazetta is also packing her bags with Promenada and I need mine to be the most organized . She is the queen of organizing so don`t let her win!!! Helpppp!


If you are in Promenada these days take a picture of what you find and what I should include in my vacation kit or tell me in a comment for what I should search for during my next stroll around Promenada. I will picture your suggestions in a post.

Also, you helping me comes with a reward for you, but more on that soon. Be brave and help me people, Mazilu cannot win! Now I am off to Spazio Caffe situated at -1 (my favorite) for a break from all this shopping.








Anetta Lugatetta


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  1. Tamarrra says:

    So coooool i wish i were you today!!!!!

  2. Alinutza says:

    Ce viata de diva ai ana morodan! Uber wonderful thing pronenada did for my favorite digital diva :)))

  3. Justine says:

    Ahaaa!!!! Live the contest i also looove Mazilique but i will akways pick you :* let me think…you should ger a notebook, a special notebook, to write your thoughts when you are away from all this agitation!

  4. Lala Lulu says:

    Gello dear! Nice friendly competition! Get a good moisturing creme and a perfume you love that you miss if that is the case

  5. Julienne says:

    Ia ceva ce ar arata cat de fermecatoare este o diva dezorganizata, cum ar fi nu stiu, un glob de cristal :))) sau un porte bonheur!

  6. Pimp my Outfit says:

    Aaaaa fell in live with the shiny shoes!!!

  7. Helgaaa says:

    Pai nici eu nu as stii ce sa aleg intre dior si prada !

  8. Wonder Ladiee says:

    Good luck! I say a dress like only you can wear!

  9. Irina Calma says:

    Waaaa ce draguti subt ochelarii!

  10. Urania Is Here says:

    Vaaaai dar asta-i tema grea, cum poate sa-i spuna cineva Anei Morodan ce sa-si puna in bagaj 🙂 eu una te vad cu un halat art deco lung si vaporos, bridat, superb ca tine! Un costum de baie intreg si o carte buba! Restul gasesti acolo

  11. Lili m says:

    Manoush este febletea mea…frumos deux piece…

  12. Kiki says:

    Stiu eu! Ia-ma pe mine! Sigur nu are cum sa te egaleze M.

  13. Popescu A says:

    Imi plac alegerile facute pana acum sooo chic! Dar daca as avea libertatea sa imi aleg orice din mallul meu preferat clar nu as putea sa plec cu un bagaj mic! Grea incercare 🙂

  14. Zamfirrra says:

    Have a nuce vacation dear! Love you!


    Mersi de recomandari, chiar voiam ceva sa citesc in vacanta te puuuup

  16. Otilia says:

    Pai o fi ea organizata dar tu esti chic si cool si adorata! Ia-ti o oglinda de voiaj sa te admiri in noile tinute! Haha

  17. Finette says:

    I lnew Promenada is my favourite mall in Bucharest, but now it is way too awesome! Love the concept!

  18. Fashion Addicted Girl says:

    Have a great summer Ana, kisses from your friend in Paris :*

  19. Adriana says:

    crema cu factor de protectie solara!

  20. Bum Bum Carmen says:

    o pereche de slapi cu glitter! cred ca e un must in vacanta 🙂

  21. Pineapple Girl says:

    Uau au reduceri colosale la manoush!!! Ma duc!

  22. I Am Chic says:

    I see a pair of beautiful black shoes on the floor take them they are perfect

  23. Marilena Bubulina says:

    Inca niste tenesi albi sa ai in fiecare zi fresh

  24. ana says:

    suncream & hat, a pareo, or a kimono, some more cropped items or all of them …. that’s what I would suggest. have fun!

  25. Laura says:

    Daphne Guinness in flats? When?? Where???

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