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1 April 2013 / By / 24 Comments

Grano - my favorite spot


I wonder what's here

The flu flu dress

nom nom nomShop this Cristina Sabaiduc dress on Molecule F.com

Photos by Claudiu Enescu



My darlings, guess what? I have to run because, of course, I woke up late.

I’m coming back later to point out what I wanted and to tell you the winner for the 5 MINUTE giveawaytadaaaaa

I am backkk, hectic day people, hectic day.

I started to tell about one of my favorite places in Bucharest – GRANO. I discovered it last summer when we moved in the neighborhood and since then it became my first go to place when it comes to drinking a glass of wine and eating healthy and lightly and in the yummy, Italian delicious way.

Another reason why I love GRANO is because the waiters are always nice, well behaved and make you feel at home. The whole atmosphere is so common sensed and cozy that I spend most of my afternoons there.
Yesterday was the first warm day, so they were so nice and set a table for me out on the terrace. I considered it perfect for my Morodan Day on Molecule F.com pictures because I wanted to share with you this place for a while now.

No, this is not a sponsored post and I don’t get discounts if I write about this place. However, Julio, the owner, who is the most friendly and polite owner, always makes me feel at home with his glasses of wine. But this is also not a preferential treatment because anyone of you who will go to Grano for the first time will have a glass of wine on the house.

I told you this place is special…




And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the winner of our 5 MINUTE giveaway

drums, drums, the suspense is getting bigger and biggerrr anddd


5 MINUTE - winner



 .Yeyyyy, number 10!

Send me an email with your contacts (phone, full name)

so that we can send you the details.

Bravo, bravissimooo! You will love it, I am sure.







Ana, the GRANO resident

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  1. Lavinia says:


  2. MissBodescu says:

    Eroino 🙂

  3. Iuliana says:

    rochia asta e frumoasa foc!! si tu esti la fel de frumoasa! <3

  4. sweet cake says:

    What sweet dress, love it!

  5. style and style says:

    This color look great on you,and the dress is fabulous! Adore you!

  6. stylemaniac says:

    :))) oh! this dress has summer written all over it! great, dear countess, great choice

  7. ancapink says:


  8. cat woman says:

    What can I say, darling? That you look great, amazing, astinishing!!! You do…The dress is gorgeous and so are you 🙂

  9. cool babe says:

    Thanks for the tip dear, this designer is very good, you look cool in this dress

  10. miruna says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  11. chicest says:

    Love the dress and the earings!

  12. Lara says:

    you are splendid, and gorgeous and all other praising adjectives were made for you! :*

  13. pearlsanddiamonds says:

    WOW! This place looks so chic 🙂 I was just wondering where to have my lunch today, so I’m so going here!

  14. charlene says:

    Oh dear those earings and that gorgeous dress! Lovely lovely lovely

  15. glam and glam says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us dear, the place looks amazingly inviting to me :* Gonna go there

  16. i love fashion says:

    I love everything, the dress, the place, you! Beautiful as always.

  17. high heels says:

    Hello dear, haven’t visited your blog for some days and I see I’ve missed a lot! You look great!

  18. just another ana says:

    Definitely going to have lunch and a glass of wine with my friends there! We’ve decided to celebrate Spring! Great to find out about Grano,thanks dear,although someone else also recommended the place to me. So, must be good! Kiss :*

  19. lovelymary says:

    I LOVE the dress and how you wore pearls with it!

  20. queen of style says:

    Nice outfit, I’ve never seen a dress like this, it is truly special

  21. ribbons and candy says:

    Grano is great,I went there recently and you are right, they are indeed very nice and attentive. Definitely going back soon. And the wine, mmmmm!

  22. MissBodescu says:

    Scris-am si pe instagram, ma intreb foarte tare ce ruj porti dumneata in pozele astea divine 🙂 Ma intereseaza foarte tare, asa ca astept nerabdatoare sa aflu 🙂
    Asta sper ca e rochia care aduce vara, ca altfel, nu stiu ce ne facem!

  23. Miruna Moldovan says:

    I have to say, I learn how to be a modern lady, mostly from you 🙂

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