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Ana s July Deco Inspiration



I don’t know about you but I for one, I love decorations as much as I love fashion and sometimes, when I marvel in font of a fantastic Belle Epoque building, I love decorations even more than fashion.

I’m not gonna start the “Romania has beautiful, grandiose buildings and they are all left to decay” topic. It would mean ruining my zen. But I want to point out that I could go little Hitler on the people responsible for that!

Anyways, what I was trying to say was that as much as I would love to redecorate every week that’s not possible. That’s why I settle for a folder, a precious folder, backed up on every hard disk in the house, with all my decoration loves I found through the internet.

Since you are my friends and we speak about everything, I decided you deserve to share  my virtual deco  treasure with you. You know, the only times when I really believe that we humans are  positive and good creatures is when I see what some of us created. The rest of the time I agree with those philosophers who affirm that we are influenced by our animal instincts and those instincts are not positive. Ok, stop, stop, stop, that’s another topic.



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Anetta Morodanetta

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  1. alice is here says:

    hey love 🙂 you do have taste in art. i like your fashio style, but when you post about deco, i go madly happy! oh,oh,oh! that zebra dressing so full of contrasts…

  2. NATALIA says:

    kisses&hugs&all taht stuff (that i mean!). but besides that, where is that out of this world bedroom, the second picture, taken? it is so beautiful i cannot believe it. made by us, humans?

  3. silvia says:

    well, i would like to die after having my lunch and coffee on that terrace, with that view. absolutely perfect! love!

  4. jackie says:

    Buna! i have recently visited bucharest, and also went to herculane, i could see how wonderful it used to be some time ago, after examining the architecture. too bad it seems like it is not considered a treasure here, because it could be a high touristic point. hmmm… but it still has its charm, i loved romania. and i love your blog Ana, keep walking!

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