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17 February 2012 / By / 8 Comments

The proof, I’m a midget! No, Daniela is just tall! Ok, I’m a midget.

No, I’m not expecting a child, I have big boobs and a large blouse. Goooddd, mean people!

Madame Lucie’s Ana! I love people named Ana! Don’t you?

Last night at Moir Concept Store I got to meet some of you and talked about what can we can find in our wardrobes this spring/summer and how can we adapt our basics so that they can follow this year’s trends.

Those of you who attended Modern Style Stories, despite the awful weather, you are definitely crazy  but I love you and I will bake buy you a chocolate cake next time.

See you next month when we will talk about …I’ll figure something out. But rest assured  that we will laugh at least as much as we did last night.

Until then, you can see what crosses my mind on my column at 121. ro (I didn’t tell you that I have a column at 121 didn’t I? Well, in this way you see that I’m space out when it comes to me too).

Well, yes, I have a personal column where I write all kinds of stuff that happen to me on a daily basis or that crosses my mind in those rare moments when I actually think.



Thank you again for coming kittens!


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  1. Ana says:

    Pacat ca nu pot si eu sa vin sa te aud:))) Sunt sigura ca a fost interesant:) pup

  2. toytulip says:

    Anywhere we could see/hear what is going on there? 😀

  3. stilistele says:

    oh, you’re just lovable in your writing! hottie!

  4. Emanuel I. says:

    Great experience!
    Wish I were ther…
    Congrats cuttie Ana!

  5. How fun!!! I wish I could have gone, but that would have been a bit difficult seeing as I’m in the USA 😉

  6. sophie says:

    you look so nice!

  7. Anca says:

    Pretty and fab, as always!
    Love your column btw – great writing style..and congrats! 🙂

  8. colorsdiary says:

    awww this is a great opportunity for you to write a column, i totally love the idea

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