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Ana s advices




Nobody said that life and succeeding in it is easy. Or that is has a fix recipe. But the ones who succeeded have one thing in common – they didn’t give up fighting! Sure, they had disappointments, sure they felt they couldn’t do it anymore but they got up, picked their weapons and started fighting again, they never gave up. And in the end they succeeded!


Let this cartoline be our Mantra for next week. Now go choose your weapons!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


 .Empowering Anette

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  1. Ulma's Chic says:

    nice one, this is it, you are right. and another thing a very dear person told me once, the goal is very important but all our lives are full of goals, one after another, so the most important thing is actually the way there, the process itself. So let’s not try to skip that, let’s fight for a nice way there <3 lovely advice today

  2. Miruna says:

    ei uite de asta te ador, ador blogul tau plin de atitudine, the right one!

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