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Photos by Mihnea Ratte




It was a real pleasure talking to the lovely ladies who are working in the Ursus Breweries company! Along with Avon we thad a nice chat about style, elegance, the difference between what we like and what items really fit us, we laughed, spoke about self confidence,  timeless elegance and the right attitude.


I am so grateful for each opportunity to tell women that the secret to their well being is balance, self confidence and grace. And the secret to a chic style is picking those right items that can fit your body and life. They don’t need to be expensive, they only need to look well tailored.


How do you manage to speak so friendly and so amusing in front of so many people?

I keep getting this question lately.


Here are a few of my tips for starting to be a cool public speaker


  • always send warmth to your public – show them that you are a funny and warm person and they will open up
  • interact with them – people are coming to conferences or classes because they want to find the answers to their questions. Sure, they listen to what you have to say but they also want to ask you the things they are interested in
  • if you feel nervous just imagine that there is only one single person in the public you are speaking with and you too re having a great talk
  • I usually don’t prepare my speech before the conference or the class but if you feel that you can organize you ideas better like that, do it. I’ve heard talking in the mirror also helps. I’m a lunatic, I talk to myself since forever so I can skip this mirror talking phase #smile



It was a pleasure meeting you ladies and I hope to see you soon again!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is






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  1. domnita dana says:

    trebuie sa recunosc ca imi place foarte mult cat de chic si totul casual este look-ul tau, iar culorile sunt minunate, mai ales sacoul alb are un efect atat de frumos <3

  2. chicest says:

    darling, whatever works for us is the best thing to do, i also talk to myself since always :))))

  3. Luna Nanette says:

    si eu iti multumesc, pot sa confirm, esti grozava cand vorbesti in public!! LOVED YOU

  4. Printesa Lunii says:

    fermecatoare, plina de viata si sfaturi bune, ma numar printre fetele din public, so thank so much Ana&Avon :*

  5. Julia's Hangers says:

    so chic! muah!

  6. Mirabela Ion says:

    hahahahah asta e cghiar tare, vorbitul in oglinda o fi o solutie pentru unii, dar eu nu am putut sa fac decat rad in hohote si m-am decis sa iti marturisesc!

  7. Chic&Chic says:

    looking great and effortless Ana!


    ce as vrea sa ajung si eu o data sa te aud vorbind draga Ana, numai lucruri bune am auzit despre speech-urile tale!


    i am officially impatient to meet you, can’t wait for your next conference or 5minute class or anything :))))

  10. Ruslana Vica says:

    uuu nice t-shirt! cine este, Eliade cumva????

  11. Zadin says:

    Te-am urmărit în câteva clipuri youtube și mi-ai plăcut foarte mult.
    Niciodată nu putem transmite prin imagini ceea ce transmitem prin viu grai.

    Mi-ar plăcea să te ascult măcar o dată și live. :*

  12. Anamaria1086 says:

    Pe langa stilul tau feminin, care este, din punctul meu de vedere, din ce in ce mai bine conturat, ador mesajul pe care-l transmiti, cum ca nu ai nevoie de haine scumpe sa arati bine, ci sa-ti cunosti calitatile si defectele si sa te accepti cum esti. Intr-o lume tot mai superficiala, e grozav ce faci/ce spui!!

  13. penelope says:

    you charm me with every outfit, you just are more and more inspiring to me countess

  14. luli says:

    ce-as fo vrut sa te aud 🙂 fetele par atat de interesate

  15. Smaranda says:

    Iti apreciez foarte mult activitatea si felul in care ai evoluat de-a lungul anilor este naucitor. Ti-am descoperit blogul cu ceva timp in urma si am inceput sa-l urmaresc deaorece semeni cu o persoana foarte draga mie care din pacate nu mai e cu mine. Si imi place sa cred ca o particica din ea e in tine, atat in creativitatea ta, in stilul tau cat si in fizicul tau. Dar asa, incet incet, am inceput sa te cunosc si pe tine, atat cat lasi tu sa se vada…

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