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Here’s the truth – the snobbish/hipster part of my petite personality is actually developing an anti-message cartoline instinct but when I really find something that inspires me, they stick to me. Like the ones mentioned here and here, I feel the urge of sharing them with you guys.

At least I have the fact that these ones are not the meaningless and used brainwash messages we all see everywhere.

I felt inspired by this one. This point of view is very motivating, don’t you think so?



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is

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  1. Elena says:

    You’re my no. 1 source of inspiration! Love you and thanks for everything you did and do, for your beautiful pieces of advice which helped me see life with different eyes and your desire to make women powerful!

  2. Sylvie Ganea says:

    agree with you dear, everything counts ! let’s all make our lives beautiful

  3. Veronicaaa says:

    it looks cool, but most of all it reads right dear. this is also the principle i guide my life around, and I also sdvice myself to do the same for others while they accept. love the roses

  4. lucia says says:

    hmmm, of course we do that, recunosc ca si mie mi-au ajuns pana peste cap, dar ca si eu am gasit cateva cu adevarat potrivite personalitatii mele, ma ajuta sa ma mai uit peste ele din cand in cand. love you!

  5. anca miron says:

    cam este 🙂 ma face sa ma gandesc la unul din principiile dupa care ma ghidez, inspirata fiind de miscarea artistica Fluxus (inceputa in anii 60, si inca activa). Printre altele ei au fost primii care au declarat ca vor sa desfiinteze limitele cuvantului “arta”, arta nu este adresata doar unei categorii alese de oameni, arta este pentru oameni, si arta poate fi o persoana in sine prin faptele si alegerile sale. Omul este o opera de arta 🙂 hai sa fim 🙂 pups

  6. LISA after MONA LISA says:

    love your aristocrat wisdom <3 #anamorodan

  7. Ralu says:

    the world would be a better place!

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