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26 January 2013 / By / 10 Comments

Weitzman boots, Cos dress, Ralph Lauren coat, H&M hat, Phillip Lim Pashli bag, Ysl arty ring

Photos by This is my suit



And it’s snowing – bleacssss! I don’t like it when it’s snowing in the city so it’s “bleacsss” not “yeyyy

It’s Saturday morning so no matter the weather conditions I have an organization chart that I follow religiously every Saturday. It gives me tons of good vibes and energy.

It starts at  10 o’clock when I wake up (without any kind of swearing towards the fact that I have to wake up. I’ve given up swearing, a lady does not do that), brush my teeth, drink a glass of hot water on the empty stomach (helps the digestion process), dress comfy, kiss Serban goodbye and usually go at Grano (my new fav spot) for brunch with some of my friends. After that I go and pick my clothes from the cleaners, do my hair, buy a to go tea and go at Carturesti to buy a book or two which most likely I will start reading on my way back.

Sometimes I stop at The Place Concept Store cause it’s right next to my house and enjoy a cigarette with Noemi and Razvan. That was the moment when Dennis from This is my Suit asked me if he can take my picture.




      Each time I head home after this kind of Saturday morning treat  I stop at the flower shop and buy a bunch of white lilies (they are my favorite). I also buy any kind of flowers that inspire me in that moment. This small gesture makes me feel sooo positive and smile out of  the blue. So does a cream cake but that’s a bad, bad, bad habit!





.Do you have a Saturday morning habit?

Ohh, don’t forget about the MOA jewelry you can win and guys thank you for so many emails you sent me yesterday. Now you really are making it hard to choose. You still have time until Sunday morning, starting with Monday I will get in touch with you ok?




The Hedonist Anette


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  1. sasha says:

    sleeping in lateee 🙂 it’s the only day I get to do that (in fact the only day I gey enough sleep for the rest of the week). for me that’s a caprice I indulge myself. no obe is to bother me, give me a ring, pay a visit etc during that time. yey ! 🙂

    and on Sunday, wake up at 9, go for brunch, walk around all the way to Carturesti for some books, then on a stroll to Kiseleff. 🙂 (sometimes passing by Venchi for an icecream).

  2. Ana Morodan says:

    Wooww Sasha, almost the same line! I’m so glad <3 maybe we'll meet some day :*

  3. sasha says:

    while brunching/reading/strolling. and perhaps on a finer weather. 🙂 :*

  4. Georgiana says:

    How very “Sex and the city” of you to have brunch with your friends! I like that! My Saturday morning routine is all about my daughter!

  5. Zadin says:

    Este o rutină demnă de o contesă.

    Eu personal ador să petrec sâmbăta dimineaţa în pat lângă soţul şi fiul meu… este singura zi din săptămână când ne permitem să lenevim în această manieră până aproape de ora 10.

  6. pinkanca says:

    Well, i do not have a routine for Saturday mornings, but I usually turn on the music and start making a yummy breakfast. Meanwhile, I will call a friend or two, and make some on-the-spot plans for the day. If that does work out, I read something, or go for a walk. That is when I am not working !!!!!!
    You are adorable and so sweet with your rigurous Saturday habits :)))

  7. therosemarybabe says:

    It does sound like a Sex and the City routine :))) That is a very healthy thing to do! I’m sure so many of us girls love to meet up on Saturdays. I usually do the same :)) Girl Power! Thank you dear countess for a lovely drop of joy <3 🙂

  8. stilistele says:

    Oh, I miss my “lonely” saturdays which, by the way, were very much similar to yours, except the flowers, which I’ve stopped buying since I always forgot to water them and they ended up dying unhappily…I know I know, shame on me.
    Off topic, I can’t stop looking at those boots, they seem the perfect choice for a snowy winter…will try to get a similar pair.

  9. Claudia says:

    Bleeeach , me too….I hate this weather !
    You look lovely and I’m so gelous…you have this gorgeouuus Phillip lim bag !

  10. Livia says:

    Eeee, you live in my neighbourhood (sort of) 🙂
    When you have the time/inspiration, would you hint at more interesting places from around there? (fashion-included)
    P.S. I used to pass by Grano every day and window-shop, salivating on their prosciutto, yum!

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