It Gives Me Great Honor To Bring You The `Stefan Caltia-Locuri` Exhibition

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20 October 2014 / By / 16 Comments

Ana Morodan pentru Stefan Caltia

Photo by Serioja Bocsok



My darlings,

It give me great pleasure to speak with you about today`s post topic  – The `Stefan Caltia – Locuri` Exhibition, held in Timisoara.

As you could see from my Facebook pages, along with Camelia Sucu, Marian Palie, Cristina Bazavan and Noemi Revnic, I have been chosen to promote this great exhibition.

On a September morning, along with Noemi Revnic, I got the pleasure to meet and spend time with this great Master in his atelier. We so learned that this exhibition is a many months work project and it will exhibit  first show paintings, paintings from private collections and his large scale painting called `World as a Theater`

This project will end in another cult album signed by Stefan Caltia which we will soon get to purchase from the Bucharest libraries also. Until then don`t forget about his album ` Stories with…Stefan Caltia` – you can find it at The Possible Gallery.


As you will see in the little phone documentary I did below, I was so impressed by the whole setting and by the moments we spent chatting with this inspiring human and it would be so hard to explain into words the great privilege I felt by meeting him. By the way, Mister Caltia is a fair feminist as Noemi put it and since you know my point of view, you must understand, I was charmed 10 times more.


 ana s sneak peack for her blog firends


ana and noemi and the master Caltia



This encounter will for sure remain in my life diary in a top spot! I hope the Maestro forgave my paparazzi attitude –  I wanted so much to `steal` some spots from the his private atelier for you all. Because around here we live and share things together, always!








    Ana von Morodanette

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  1. Elena POpa says:

    ce onoare! cred ca un personaj fascinant

  2. magda says:

    the atelier looks amazing! filled with treasures!

  3. Cristina Dinulescu says:

    o sa fiu la Timisoara in weekend, abia astept sa vad expozitia

  4. Renata says:

    sunt o mare admiratoare a lui Stefan Caltia,e un artist desavarsit. cred ca a fost o mare onoare sa fii aleasa pentru acest proiect

  5. kriss says:

    love the red overall. you look amazing

  6. andrada says:

    i love his work, it’s absolutely amazing!

  7. Teodora says:

    great project and great people! I love Camelia Sucu!

  8. andra maximilian says:

    cred ca personajele pictate de maestru si personajul ana morodan se potrivesc perfect!

  9. catalina says:

    abia astept sa vad expozitia!

  10. Uliana says:

    sunt din timisoara si am vazut expozitia in weekend. nu trebuie s-o ratati, este ceva absolut superb!

  11. Contessinna says:

    ce rau imi pare ca n-ai putut sa faci mai multe poze in atelier! arata splendid!

    poate intr-un post viitor 🙂

  12. Mariuna says:

    atelierul arata splendid, exact asa cum imi imaginam ca arata spatiul de lucru al unui artist atat de special!

    bravo pentru proiect!

  13. angela stan says:

    un tablou cu semnatura maestrului Caltia este intotdeauna un cadou superb! mi-as dori din suflet un astfel de cadou

  14. mirela says:

    coltul cu poze vechi e preferatul meu. o minune de atelier!

  15. Ingrid says:

    must have felt like alice in wonderland, no?

  16. valeria says:

    thank you for this glimpse of the maestro’s atelier

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