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21 March 2016 / By / 18 Comments



Recently I spent a week in Cluj. Went to implement some projects and create some awesome content and as my life requires two wardrobes: one for shootings and one for daily use, it`s only natural that at one point I neglected one of the two: the daily wear, firesc si deja previzibil. I forgot to bring cocktail dresses – my daily uniform. So I arrived in Cluj, started unpacking and then what? I only had one – ONE – cocktail dress packed. This yellow H&M one. Cute, but it could never beat a black one. But cute.


Mannnnnn, why do I always have to fuck things up a little. Why? Why? Why?




This Laura Olaru bag is so Me. inima-albastru










I decided not to go shopping for everyday dresses because: 1. I didn`t have the time 2. Spending money on some more dresses when I already own 200 is not necessary. I`d rather buy that Art Deco crystal and silver candy box from the 30`s. 3. I can call at the office and have Antonia or Clau send me a few.


Number 3 was completed in a few minutes but I still had to wait until the delivery service decided to bring my dresses – yes, they have delays, yes, all of them. We now work with 3 fast courier brands… No use. They all come when they want to, not when they should, like THE NEXT DAY. 4b


Ana_Morodan_Laura_Olaru-9Pas du Tout blazer – H&M dress – Laura Olaru bag – Hardot heels – H&M choker – Tous pearl ring 

Photos & Moving Content by Emil Costrut 

Yes, for two days and a half, three hours per day, during meetings or social duties, I wore this dress. This yellow dress. Me, the black lover. The most avid supporter of `black actually makes me feel good and gives me positive vibes`


On the third day I woke up with a powerful feeling: that wearing color a few days in a row made me feel lighter. Like you know, when you go to the gym and at first you completely dislike it but after a few weeks you start feeling empowered, lighter and energized? Well, that was my sensation after wearing color for two days and a half in a row.


`What if all this time I was wrong? Or maybe I`ve just changed? Like I changed regarding my tastes in music?


But that`s a story for another time. Today is all about how a small mistake led me to a personal discovery: At 31 years old I`m saying goodbye to `always wearing black` and saying `hello` to colors and especially white and beige tones (I have a feeling that I`m going to feel awesome while wearing these colors – stiu ca albul e non-culoare. Sa stiti ca stiu 7b) .


What does wearing colors bring me that I never felt from black outfits?




And for the Morodan I am now, somehow that is Everything.








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  1. Dariana S. says:

    From my point of view (also a Black lover) nothing is more empowering, elegant, respectable and mysterious as black! Every time I’m wearing colors, I feel odd :)) like I’m not myself. Funny thing, my friends ask me sometimes “are you ok?” – “yeah, why?” – ” because you are not wearing black today…” :)). Keep on the dark side, honey, it’s fabulous! 😉

  2. Lorena says:

    Eu cred ca incepi sa devii un fel de Guru pentru mine :)!

  3. Raluca says:

    Rochia e cumparata din magazin fizic sau online?

  4. Camelia C. says:

    Te inteleg perfect, black is such a happy colour :))) dar mustarul asta te prinde de minune

  5. anamaria marinescu says:

    e minunata rochia <3

  6. Clotilde says:

    The blazer is absolute L O V E!!!! Yes, I love black, it gives me comfort 😛

  7. Cristiana Ilie says:

    Dantela e superba in orice culoare. Eu o prefer alba, ca tot ai adus vorba. Si sper sincer sa mai gasesc rochia asta la magazine.

  8. Irina says:

    Incerc sa ma “vindec” de negru, dar am inceput cu mici accente. Nu stiu daca as rezista atat de colorata 3 zile ::)) rochia e foarte frumoasa, dar nu pot sa nu mi-o imaginez….neagra

  9. ViorElla says:

    You look so cute <3

  10. Venus says:

    Only you have the courage to put together mustard lace, red and snake skin. The combo looks amazing, love it

  11. cory corina says:

    As fi mers la cumparaturi ASAP 😛

  12. larisa dinu says:

    the dress is great, I love it

  13. Pixie says:

    I love this color. The blazer’s color I mean :))))

  14. Adelina C. says:

    Rochia e superba, imi place la nebunie. Si e culoarea mea preferata de cand eram mica. Iar combinatia cu rosu mi se pare wow

  15. Greta says:

    Cred ca iti sta atat de bine in culori tari incat ar trebui sa uiti mai des sa-ti faci bagajele corect 🙂

  16. Felly says:

    I absolutely adore snake skin, I must have this bag <3

  17. Tina X-Tina says:

    Color always look amazing with a little touch of black, don’t you think? 😀 killer heels, by the way

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