How To Spend A Glamorously Perfect Autumn

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23 October 2014 / By / 23 Comments

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anamorodan comI am wearing Lo Spaccio coat, skirt and tee, Zara shoes, Wolford tights, Prada sunglasses and a Laura 8 necklace

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



A conversation with myself


One of the best things in life is realizing you`re perfectly happy without the things you thought you needed the most. Meaning you suddenly lost interest of almost all the capitalist drugs like the expensive crap you kinda lusted about.

However, you did not lose Lust as a need. You are still lusting on things…or let`s say…you`re lusting on moments maybe? No, no, you`re definitely lusting on things also. But somehow different things. When did everything change? Maybe you grew-up? Maybe you`ve realized that it`s all Vanity Fair-ish?

Either the case, I`ve noticed you are more focused on living glamorously beautiful than owning expensive stuff. Is it better? Is it not? Who knows, it just makes you happier to live like this lately.


And speaking about living glamorously, here are some suggestions that might help you this Autumn:


  • have sparkling skin – eat as much raw food as you can to alkaline your body – it will prove to be the best moisturizer 


  • buy a few pumpkins and arrange them in front of your door – so witchy chic, don`t you think?


  • expensive stuff might not be among your priorities but updating your wardrobe to Autumn`s vibe could prove to be a good confidence booster so check out Lo Spaccio`s Fall collection. As I`ve told you beforeLo Spaccio produces limited series (no more than 50 items from the same design) of carefully manufactured pieces. Their design and manufacturing is entirely made in Romania and they use Italian fabrics. And guess what? They are more than affordable! Wardrobe refreshing on a budget – checked!


  • take a walk in a forest – it will make you feel like a character in Avatar. The nature is pretty awesome during this time of the year and it will help your relax


  • use red lipstick – ok, you use red lipstick even when you are asleep but more over, this Autumn, red lipstick will turn you into Poison Ivy


  • show off your new improved glamorous style – every Autumn should come with an upgrade regarding to your appearance – make it and show it off, people noticing is good, don`t hide under a shell – your new, Lo Spaccio blue coat for example, wear it with confidence, poise and sensuality. It`s such a powerful and feminine piece


  • take dancing classes – yes,yes, you said you would since ever – just do it – there`s nothing more romantic than having a picnic in a beautiful landscape and suddenly taking your partner for a waltz. A?


  • most of all – enjoy your new freedom – realizing that happiness is only a small reach away is a big deal (cliche or not) – treasure it














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  1. Anca says:

    And I would add: take a day off with no reason and be a tourist in your city: go to a museum, sit at a coffee house and read a book, eat a sandwich on a bench in the park. Autumn is beautiful.
    Lovely outfit, Ana!

  2. Ilsa says:

    oh, a waltz in autum! how romantic!

  3. raducuroxana says:

    superbe fotografiile! cred ca arata minunat si alb-negru, nu crezi?

  4. alice stan says:

    e greu sa renunti la lucrurile materiale odata ce te-ai obisnuit cu ele din belsug. cred ca e vorba de multa intelepciune la mijloc. dar momentul in care spui stop- prefer o zi romantica in locul unei posete- cred ca e wow!

  5. Izabela says:

    paltonul este intr-adevar foarte frumos! le-am vizitat magazinul si au piese foarte frumoase. iar preturile sunt mai mult decat accesibile

  6. Deea says:

    ador sa cioplesc dovleci inca de cand eram mica. chiar o sa fac asta in weekend, cred ca vor arata frumos in fata casei 🙂

  7. aura szasz says:

    great advice on the greatest rainy day!

  8. darina says:

    Wardrobe refreshing on a budget! my favorite weekend activity! i will into lo spaccio 😉 thank you!

  9. Maya says:

    i started taking ballet classes at 31!!!!!! and I LOVE IT! you should definetly do it!

  10. Rania says:

    fericirea chiar e la un pas distanta, problema e ca de multe ori o cautam in cele mai gresite lucruri sau locuri…

  11. Sonia_2000 says:

    sa stii ca am cautat sa fac o schimbare toamna asta si am inceput cu vestimentatia. exact opusul a ce purtam inainte si ma simt minunat! plina de incredere si de viata! traiasca rochiile pe care le-am ocolit ani la randul 🙂

  12. gemma says:

    red lipstick forever and ever, no matter the season 🙂

    PS: I can do the cat eye by myself also,very proud 🙂

  13. cherry says:

    I love the forest in autumn! I feel like a story character

  14. Olivia says:

    Foarte frumoasa tinuta! Ce imi place cel mai mult e ca de fapt imi inspira primavara, nicidecum toamna 🙂

  15. Mihaela Ioana says:

    Apropo de piele stralucitoare, treaba asta cu sucurile a mers de minune la mine! De cand am facut cura incerc sa mananc crud cat pot de mult si pielea mea chiar arata altfel

  16. sandra says:

    Love the boots and thights mix! Very french!

  17. Natalia says:

    Imi place gandirea asta pozitiva, dar uneori e atat de greu de pus in aplicare…
    Cred totusi ca o sa-mi reuseasca daca incep cu partea de shopping

  18. Princess says:

    Love the school girl outfit!

  19. Ioana says:

    O sa pornesc intr-un treasure hunt la lo spaccio in weekend, mersi de sfat!

  20. Oana Alexandra says:

    Ce culori frumoase in pozele astea!

  21. andreea stan says:

    I love Halloween and dressing up!

  22. clara says:

    Look forward to the gloomy autumn photos 😉

  23. Lana says:

    O asortare cât se poate de reusită. M-am îndrăgostit de acest palton

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