How My Approach on Spending Money Changed in the last Years

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14 August 2016 / By / 8 Comments

I had the chance to meet to president of  Morgan Romania. It was one of the most serene and fascinating meetings I had lately. 

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A few years ago I was all about ‘Oh, I have to work and make money to buy the latest Celine IT bag. I have to work and make money to buy the newest Gucci shoes. I have to make money to buy some outstanding piece of jewelry or furniture (truth be told, I still get giggles when I spot an antique piece of jewelry)”. That, besides investing in my business, was my main purpose. And I’m not feeling guilty about it, nor do I regret it. It was a phase in my lifestyle and I’m not going to preach that it was wrong. Because it wasn’t. Because back then, THAT really made me happy and gave me purpose. Sure you may call it shallow, God knows, today even I consider it a bit shallow. But IT MADE ME HAPPY. 


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Today, after years of work, after only my team and I know how much determination, passion, hours of work, brainstorming and dedication, sleepless nights and efforts took us were we are. Well, today, there’s no way in Hell I would spend 90 per cent of my profits on bags and cute stuff. Because:


1. They don’t make me happy anymore. Sure I have a few collectible bags, and sure I’ll most likely buy one expensive item or two per year but that’s it.


2. Because no matter how snobbish the micro-society you live in may be, they still value the person more than the bag. I’m the living proof so take my word for it. 


3. Because city breaks and travel proved to be a much more effective medicine for the soul than any item I have ever bought. Just look at these snaps I took this weekend at Valea Verde. 


I’m not preaching a slow living, things-don’t-matter – kind of shit here. I’m just saying that this new approach to investing my funds has helped me gain much more than a – look-at-me-I’m-the-queen-I-have-the-new-IT bag -kinda feeling. It helped me regain my peace of mind. And that’s something worth spending my income on. 


Who knows, maybe a few months from now I’ll find a new way to find peace. Collecting stamps. But, for now, these getaways are everything. 





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  1. Zizi says:

    Thank you this. I needed to read this 🙂

  2. Gabri says:

    Ce senina si frumoasa esti Ana…

  3. Carla says:

    Doamne, ce retreat frumos, unde e?

  4. Andyyy says:

    rochia din ultima poze e cea mai fana rochie de plaja pe care am vazut-o de ceva timp

  5. Black Suit says:

    Pentru mine e gradinaritul mai nou. Si da, cheltui pe asta la fel de mult cat cheltuiam si eu pe genti :))

  6. Kiki Popescu says:

    You re growing up nicely 🙂

  7. Mugur Albunia says:

    Congrats for number 2, I never succeeded to convince people than you are more than what you wear. In the end I left that society.

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