Home-Made Sweets May Taste Delicious but These Cakes Rule My Christmas

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23 December 2015 / By / 18 Comments


I`m not the cooking/baking type. God knows Mazilu tried. I mean, I wish I was but I`m completely useless when it comes to everything related to kitchen. I`m more the gin & tonic type. And that`s fine. 


And when it comes to this I have to give it to my Addams family: they never put any pressure on me regarding this aspect. I don`t know how to make soup, sarmale, piftie, better yet, I must write what I can actually succeed in making: oua ochiuri, cartofi in any form si ceva mix de salate. Cakes, hmmmmm…NO. You can leave me with all the ingredients and the recipe locked in the kitchen for two days and you`ll find me drunk and with no result. 


And that`s fine too because I have some aces in my sleeve when it comes to putting together the Christmas dinner. One of them is the new cake & pastry shop everyone is talking about: Mara Mura.






Mara has basically everything you can dream of. Better yet, made only with natural ingredients, the Mara Mura desserts (my favorite are the Truffles) are made after an old dessert recipe book which belonged to Mara`s grandmother. So we have the most delicious desserts, one fairy-tale business and a place which looks like some Hansel & Gretel setting. A? This is the coolest reason to postpone my baking skills demonstration.



Mara Mura even adopted a stray cat 9b yep, I`ll become their loyal customer forever.

Delicious cakes and cats = Extaz 









anamorodanSmiling Shoes boots – Zara dress – Tria Alfa earrings 

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev 





I`m taking all these truffles, cakes and candy to Serban`s parents as a Christmas gift. I`m uploading the proof here when I arrive to Oradea. Stay tuned. Can`t wait for their reaction. Serban`s mother is the Greatest Specialist when it comes to cakes so I`m anxious to find out what she will say about the ones  `I baked` #haha


Mara Mura, you saved my Christmas. 6b




sig-decembriev3 (1)








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  1. Andreea Ivan says:

    Chiar ma intrebam cand o sa te vad la Mara Mura, sunt absolut delicioase 🙂

  2. christine says:

    It’s great that you had someone like Mara Mura to save you. You must see my cakes this Christmas, they look awful. I didn’t have the guts to taste them :)))))

  3. Eliza says:

    Trufele, da DA DA DA DA! Perfecte in orice zi

  4. Larisa Maria says:

    Ador Mara Mura, imi place si locatia foarte mult iar deliciile lor arata atat de bine ca uneori mi-e mila sa le mananc :))

  5. fifi says:

    where did you find that dress? WHERE????

  6. Ionela Stanciu says:

    Locul asta arata ca o casa de papusi, trebuie neaparat sa ajung acolo

  7. Lady M. says:

    Delicious cakes and cats = Extaz INTOTDEAUNA

  8. Daria says:

    Prajitura cu visine e divina, s-o incerci neaparat. Sunt sigura ca mama lui Serban le va da nota 10 🙂

  9. nathalie says:

    You look so french in the last photo 😉

  10. Daniela Rizea says:

    Ma faci sa lesin de pofta cu trufele, sunt dulciurile mele preferate. Abia astept sa le gust pe cele de la Mara Mura. Dar intai sa scap de cozonaci and such :))

  11. Oly Oly says:

    Love Mara Mura <3

  12. Mariana Andrei says:

    Eu sunt fan deserturi home made, dar cand aud asa o poveste frumoasa abia astept sa gust din minunile facute de altii

  13. ina says:

    vaaaai cum arataaaaa, mor

  14. EVELINA says:

    Oare nu ne fac o surpriza si au deschis de Craciun? Cumpar tot,dar TOT :))))

  15. Iuliana Stroe says:

    Dupa ziua de azi tot as putea sa mai mananc minunatiile astea, arata pur si simplu perfect

  16. mirella says:

    amazing dress

  17. Vivi says:

    Truffles are my absolute fav 😀

  18. Anca says:

    Arata ca o casa de turta-dulce din povesti! Foarte fain locul asta!

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