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6 February 2017 / By / 19 Comments

A day or two before Romania started protesting the abusive and HIGHLY un-European measures (almost) implemented by our Government, we thought that we should take to the streets for our daily pictures. But this time we were keen on shooting a different kind of street style, with a different vibe; a more real one, a more vibrant one, one which portrays the reality of our streets on a typical Winter mid-day. 

We got out of our car at Piata Romana in front of a newsstand and stood there for what seemed like three eternities (not more than three minutes in “normal-non-OCD-person-time”), to wait for people to gather to buy their daily papers. We were going against a stream of students getting out of the subway, people passing in a hurry, children laughing, but in that freezing rush hour we noticed those people we often ignore. Actually, not ignore, but rather not observe as much as we used to – the senior citizens. 




People keep saying that older Romanians are not focused on today’s issues, that they are out of the loop in our highly technological era, that they are not to be taken seriously anymore.






The younger generation even seems a little bit hostile, not physically, but emotionally. I can’t help noticing their sometimes patronizing attitude…




Lo Spaccio coat – The Morodan by YVY  bag – Falke fishnets – Hardot heels – CMood basket 

Photos by Costrut 


Dare I say, we passionately disagree! Because in the 27 minutes in which I spoke to a few – some asked politely to not be photographed – here’s what I’ve learned:


  • Kindness and mutual understanding still goes a long way; it’s a value they have not forgotten about.


  • No matter your age, you still need to have a decent and poised look.


  • We might not understand many of today’s innovations or political strategies (I say ‘we’ because I’m also included, God knows I desperately try understanding the Z members of our team, to no avail) but we struggle to keep an open mind and judge with decency.


  • ‘Yes, we use dentures, but we still use lipstick too. It adds a bit of sass and pizzazz.’


  • Never, never, NEVER lose your optimism and enthusiasm.


  • ‘Domnisoara, noi am trecut prin multe in viata dar n-am uitat niciodata ca suntem datori sa luptam pentru idealurile noastre!’ 


We didn’t meet this lady but everybody at the M office urges you to take a look and hear what she has to say. And then take a look here too


Elderly people have a wisdom which can fuel the course of our own life. Take a moment to talk to them! Give a hand when you can! Who knows? It might prove to be the biggest drive you need to purse your dreams!


Dear seniors, we LOVE you and we THANK YOU!



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  1. red riding hood says:

    Doamne cat de bine iti sta in rosu!!!

  2. Mariana says:

    Nici eu nu sunt de acord ca batranii sunt de vina pentru situatia actuala. Cred ca daca tinerii ar fi iesit la vot ar fi fost cu totul altfel…

  3. dedee says:

    We notice them & we love them 🙂

  4. Love this post so much!

  5. Dina says:

    Preach, lady!!

  6. cara says:

    Esti minunata, inside & out

  7. Amina Pop says:

    Spui cele ma intelepte si adevarate lucruri in ultima vreme, sunt foarte mandra ca te urmaresc si felicitari pentru toata activitatea ta din zielele acestea atat de importante!

  8. Babe says:

    You are stunning, my dear, I missed your looks! 😀

  9. Anka G. says:

    Iubesc totul din postarea asta 🙂

  10. maria says:

    Bravo Ana foarte frumos spus

  11. ade adelina says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to keep an open mind and not judge, especially considering the situation in our country right now. But I agree, it’s definitely the righteous way.

  12. Damiana Diana says:

    Ce bine iti sta cu ochelatii astia <3

  13. Ecaterina says:

    Bravo iar si iar si iar!

  14. dana_D says:

    Gata, azi o sun pe buni! :)) Multumim de reminder, M!!

  15. dMadeline says:

    Cred ca treaba cu decent & poised look ar trebui adresata mai ales tinerilor 🙂 Daca mai vad un pantalon cu turul lasat orbesc, jur!

  16. dirty daiana says:

    Imi place tinuta de mor si mesajul si mai si!

  17. Ruxandra says:

    Congratulations Ana! For such a post. We have to stand for our seniors and help them. they are the ones who raised us and struggled for us so we owe them respect.
    May that respect, justice and understanding triumph in Romania of today!

  18. Bianca Bivolaru says:

    De unde ai manusile rosii? Imi caut si eu de o eternitate si nu am gasit niciunde

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