Great Things Happen at The Palace. The Noblesse Palace that is

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8 May 2015 / By / 24 Comments

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana MorodanClara Rotescu dress, Malvensky necklace, Topshop necklace

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at Palatul Noblesse – Centru de Arte si Evenimente


You know, being a millennial countess has it`s perks like being invited to have tea at the palace and be the one to visit and talk about the first Matisse exhibition in Romania. 

The Great Noblesse Palace  – one of these days I`m going to tell you the story of this beautiful architectural piece of jewelry. From the Belle Epoque era until today, this place fascinates generations and builds it`s unforgettable memories in the minds of everyone which passes it`s doorstep. Ohhh, I could talk about this place for hours and hours. Like of its actual owner, an exceptional woman. But I`m keeping those stories for my next Noblesse Palace adventure.

Today is about what happens in the main floor chambers of the palace


The First MATISSE exhibition in Romania


with a few unique pieces I might add. 

I was utterly honored that I was the one invited to bring the news to you. The exhibition is a first for Romania and yes, it`s a BIG deal for all of us. To see so close the works of this worldly renowned artist and to understand his aesthetics, all exposed in a breathtaking place was an experience I highly recommend. These kind of moments give that touch of glamour every urban lady needs.


And now, and please acknowledge that I`m taking your suggestion of writing the technical details in Romanian – here are the info`s:

Este prima expozitie Henri Matisse din Romania –  “Capodopere ale graficii”. Cuprinde 83 de litografii semnate de celebrul artist, unele dintre acestea au fost expuse la cele mai mare muzee ale lumii. 
Henri Matisse a iubit litografiile. Era fascinat cum un element natural, in cazul lui piatra poroasa, poate sa ajute la transmiterea unor emotii si stari. Aceste lucrari au fost concepute in perioada lui de maturitate, cand era exilat la Nissa.
In fiecare zi, de luni pana sambata, expo este deschisa in intervalul orar 10.00-19.00. Pretul este de 45 de lei /persoana. In week-end, sambata se organizeaza Rendez-vous cocktail avec Henri Matisse. Pretul este de 90 de lei si cei care doresc acest lucru beneficiaza de un tur privat al Palatului, al expozitiei. Apoi sa se bucure de spatiu, sa savureze un pahar de vin si sa guste delicii culinare de inspiratie franceza. 


I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things.
Henri Matisse












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  1. De mare inspiratie si profund motto-ul artistului “I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things” Like it! 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    arati ca o printesa, esti superba

  3. Edna says:

    I am sure now that a palace can not be a true palace until you take some photos there 🙂

  4. Lili says:

    what a great news! I love Matisse

  5. Cristiana Ilie says:

    Wow, Henri Matisse la Bucuresti e de neratat!

  6. livia m. says:

    amazing dress, I love it

  7. Paula Monica says:

    Absolut superba

  8. High Heels says:

    Ana et Henri look great together

  9. Andreea Costache says:

    Abia astept sa vad aceasta expozitie, apreciez mult talentul lui Henri Matisee

  10. KARLA says:

    This dress is worthy of the Beauty and the Beast story 🙂

  11. elena says:

    colierul malvensky e foarte dragut

  12. Florina Grigoras says:

    Abia astept sa vad expozitia

  13. otilia says:

    ce onoare sa anunti prima expozitie Matisse din Romania. felicitari, draga mea

  14. nadia dima says:

    The Noblesse Palace is simply amazing, I love it too

  15. Adina says:

    What a wonderful project and beautiful dress!

  16. Ilinca Marinescu says:

    arata splendid, abia astept sa vad aceasta expozitie

  17. yoko says:

    I think things are starting to move on the cultural level as well in Romania and I’m very glad for that

  18. ofelia says:

    rochiaaaaaaa e absolut superba

  19. natalia_star says:

    You forgot your tiara, Princess 🙂

  20. Irina M. says:

    Superb Palatul Noblesse, superba tu si minunata expozitia, am vazut-o azi

  21. Klara says:

    I can’t wait to see these amazing pieces of art

  22. ella_mouse says:

    you look so positive and give such a good vibe

  23. Iti lipsea marul rosu si cei sapte pitici si erai o Alba-ca-Zapada moderna. Rochia este bestiala.

  24. This dress is FABULOUS!

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