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24 December 2010 / By / 28 Comments

I don’t know what to say about this holiday.
Some of my friends call me The Grinch during Christmas time.

For what it’s worth I made a Christmas tree :).

Glittery holidays guys.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Merry Christmas, Ana 🙂

  2. Lill says:

    Craciun Fericit Ana!Sarbatorile acestea sa iti invaluie inima si sa iti dea multe bucurii!!! te pup!

  3. necas says:

    Merry Xmas*

  4. Jen S. says:

    Have a great holiday….I love your jewels…


  5. *chameleon* says:

    Sweety Merry Christmas!!!!!!!:))))

  6. I love your outfit. I love how simple yet fashionable it is.
    And I lvoe your tree, it is adorable!
    Merry Christmas. 🙂

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. Anaivilo says:

    Beautiful tree! Merry Christmas dear~! 😀

  8. Roswitha says:

    Merry Christmas, dear! May all your dreams come true! <3<3

  9. DeVero says:

    Hehehe, I agree with you about that with the Grinch ;P I try to enjoy Christmas anyway 😉

    Craciun fericit!
    Ps. Great job you did with the tree 😉


  10. colorsdiary says:

    love your tree!
    happy christmas


  11. Fleur-de-Lis says:

    Merry Xmas for you too doll 🙂
    Thanks to you too, for the lovely comment* and congrats on the previous posts!!

  12. Special K says:

    Merry Christmas:*:*

  13. pysyka says:

    You are definitely no Grinch, my dear! but hey, just in case, when you come to Bucharest we can exchange gifts: I’d pass to you some of my insanely good xmas spirit, if you give me some, (maybe a bunch!) of style tips and tricks.
    Craciun Fericit!

  14. Annushka says:

    Super blog dear))) Your photos is very beautiful!!!)))

  15. Meghan says:

    love these photos, your hair, the header, ah so good! best wishes ana!

  16. Alexandra says:

    I just now realised you were Romanian , wow ! I think I just started loving you 😡

    Great Christmas tree. I have one home and being away from it seems a little weird.

    Merry Christmas ,honey!

    alexandra @

  17. Craciun fericit, Ana!

  18. Delia says:

    O brad frumos! Sarbatori fericite Ana si abia astept colaborarea noastra:)

  19. Arina says:

    Craciun Fericit sweetie! 😀

  20. Irina says:

    Crăciun fericit alături de cei dragi!

  21. Merry Christmas from Spain


  22. Jay says:

    cute photos and great casual outfit 😀


  23. modniza says:

    craciun fericit,draga mea,iti doresc tot ce e mai bun!pozele tale sunt superbe!

  24. Summer says:

    Love your outfit! So cute! Thanks for your comment – it made my day! I’ve always loved your blog!


    Come back soon XOXO

  25. Alecto says:

    its quite alright– i’m a grinch, too 🙂 you look absolutely lovely. i like the simplicity of the outfit and all the jewels.

  26. Craciun Fericit!!!!!

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