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14 July 2016 / By / 22 Comments
I’m on the cover of Unica Magazine this month so yes, I’m Over the Moon. 


First of all, because I got the chance to work with the inspiring and motivational Unica Romania team and the talented photographer Stefan Dani and second of all, because it’s Unica and I’m Unique so the word game is strong. #haha


Below you can see the shots from the cover story, but in order to read everything from my perspectives on business, endorsing, marriage, kids and love, to how I approach fashion, maybe it will be a good idea to buy the magazine. 7b Thank you Adina Rosetti for talking to me. 






It’s always awesome to live this kind of experience and I’m grateful for every step I took along this journey, from the moment I started this blog until today. Thank you to everyone who came with me in this adventure. Thank you for showing me those great stories, and built by great people. Together. 


And how glam is made…







be-splendid-semnatura 1

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  1. Miruna says:

    You look stunning <3

  2. Andreea Popa says:

    Bravo Ana, esti cea mai buna si ai muncit enorm, te urmaresc de la inceput si ma bucur enorma sa vad cum ai evoluat <3

  3. Patricia Mester says:

    Tinutele sunt magnifice, am cumparat revista, spui niste lucruri de mega bun simt acolo, toata admiratia!

  4. Irina H says:

    I got the magazine! You are beyobd magical Ana!!!!!!!

  5. Kiki Black says:

    My idol! Cumpar revista <3

  6. Sirina says:

    Te urmarim toate din birou si ne bucuram ca si cum ar fi coperta cu noi1 Bravo Ana!!!! La cat mai multe inainte!

  7. George says:

    Morodan, esti Unica! Logic ca esti in Unica!

  8. Carmen Popa says:

    Esti splendida!Felicitari! Am cumparat revista 🙂

  9. Andreea Popa says:

    Colierul de perle e magnific. Arati minunat 🙂 <3

  10. Carmen Pink says:

    Congratulations ANA! You totally deserve it! YOU ARE THE BEST

  11. Ruxandra Bobar says:

    Ana ai cele mai minunate rochii din lume. Felicitari pentru coperta!

  12. Ada says:

    Some people are golden, some people are awesome but some people are legends…you are among the last.

  13. Roxana Vasile says:

    Unica Morodan in Unica. Ai fost clar cea mai buna alegere pentru numarul cu influencerii <3

  14. Riri Zen says:

    Mi-a placut ce ai spus in revista…agree on the marriage and kids stuff

  15. Gina V says:

    Kiling it with awesome style!!!!!!

  16. Baby Jane says:

    So cool! You totally rock the scene over here <3 <3 <3

  17. CHICville says:


  18. Zuzi Garls says:

    we love youuuuuu and we are buying the mag

  19. Nina says:

    Bravo! Se vede ca ai muncit mult! Si nu, nu esti scorpie. Te simt 🙂

  20. didi didi says:

    One true countess conquering the world. <3

  21. White Dove says:

    Inegelabila Morodan

  22. Sushi says:

    Esti absolut unica. Te iubesc!

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