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21 April 2016 / By / 12 Comments



Meine damen & herren

This week was a roller coaster.


Monday I had to deal with phones and emails all day on my way back from Cincsor.


Tuesday – shootings all day.


Wednesday – attended 6 events with Antonia and Clau and then held my second workshop for Tezyo.


Thursday – I presented along with Tudy the new D-Link smart home gadgets during their press event. Who knew technology evolved this much? I was mind blown. And you know what? IT people are really cool. 


Tomorrow I`ll be in Constanta – for my evening with you ladies. We`ll talk about my business conclusions, about my revelations, decisions, work flow, about keeping things sane and under control, fighting negativity, about setting goals and smashing them. 6b


TwentyFour Events is a new and fresh concept rising on the Romanian market, I feel honored to be their first host. If you want to grace us with your presence you can subscribe here and also keep an eye on their next events. Romania is changing people, Romania is changing. inima-albastru


See you tomorrow Seaside ladies inima-albastru


be-splendid-semnatura 1





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  1. Antonia says:

    M-am inscris, abia astept sa te vad in sfarsit 🙂

  2. Gabriela Vulpescu says:

    Doamne cum arata rochia de pe afis!! De unde e????

  3. grazia says:

    I’ve also had a crazy week, however nowhere near as fabulous as yours 😀

  4. Maria says:

    Ai fost foarte simpatica la Tezyo, loved it

  5. denidenisa says:

    Wow, 6 evenimente intr-o zi, cum rezisti?!!

  6. xenia says:

    Where is your dress from? its gorgeous

  7. Morofan says:

    Romania se schimba datorila oamenilor cool ca tine. Tine-o tot asa!

  8. Ioana Antonia Popescu says:

    Si totusi, in Cluj cand mai vii? 😀

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