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Clubul de carte al Anei - seria a doua 2




Good morning my darling kittens, I am back now, with a few days before the book club, with the date and place and also with a big surpriseeeee – Telespan himself will attend this edition from Clubul de carte al Anei!Yes, I know, you are ecstatic to see the little prick.


Held at the chic CASARA showroom (Calea Dorobantilor, nr 159, 1th floor), next Tuesday, on the 25 th of February, something tells me that this will be an unforgettable edition. Maybe because we’ll have prosecco?!? Nope, I’m kidding, it’s not because of that, although, yes, we’ll have prosecco #wink


I can only imagine the fun and all the talks…#ha

All of you who wrote to will be announced on your e-mails  about the date & place, and you will also be asked to confirm. For those of you who want to attend and didn’t send an e-mail yet, you still have time to write to

Can’t wait to see you guys on Tuesdayyyy! Now I have to run and film something for Intel.



How does Clubul de carte al Anei work?:

I announce a book I would like us to read – later on, you guys will be able to nominate one because that’s just the democratic person I am. We have about a month, a month and a half (we live in the “no time” era so I’m indulgent).

During this time you can subscribe to attend the book club by sending an email at A month later, in a new post (like this one) I will announce  a date and place a few days before the book club (so that everybody can actually know what they are doing in that day)

If you have subscribed by sending an email to you will also receive a reminder.

Got it now? I’ve noticed there are a few people who didn’t get the mechanism yet so I figured this might help.







Telespan & Morodan



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  1. A Modern Girl says:

    ok ok I got now :))))

  2. denise says:

    morodan&telespan ohooooo pai ma inscriu normal!

  3. Fusta Bunicii says:

    foarte tare, am citit si cartea, asa ca nu o sa-mi mai taca gura 🙂 foarte cool outfitul tau imi place combinatia de tricou cu fusta de stofa!

  4. Uber Fahion says:

    uber cool dear!

  5. zina says:

    asta da surprizaaaaaa!!!! ce bine ca mai am timp sa ma inscriu (daca nu au navalit deja cu sutele sa se inscrie dupa ce ai anuntat)!!! geniala ideea ta de club de carte

  6. mathilda thompson says:

    great news 🙂 loved the book, the blunt truth in it hits you in the forehead

  7. Style of the Day says:

    nice look love it <3

  8. Georgette Girl says:

    mmmmmm now i want prosecco!

  9. Anca Petre says:

    grozava veste, abia astept sa va cunosc, mai ales ca mi-a placut cartea. mi-a povestit o prietena despre fostul club de carte si m-a convins :))) see you there!

  10. XENIA says:

    deci caaand?? o doamne nici acum nu am apucat sa o citesc, dar trebuie! asta da motivatie!

  11. High Heels says:

    hello ana! you look great!
    got inspired for today’s outfit 😉

  12. July says:

    i can’t come cause i am not in Romania… but maybe you will record it (loved the shrt film with you and telespan :))

  13. amelia cristea says:

    genial genial! ne vedem acolo!

  14. Isabelle says:

    nu ar fi frumos daca ar fi si o tema pentru tinuta? legata de carte? zic si eu 🙂 ma gandeam deja cu ce ma imbrac, nu de alta 🙂

  15. Passion for Style says:

    wonderful concept love it <3

  16. crinutza says:

    frumoasa cartea, o recomand toturor, mai ales daca au trait in Romania…


    the boots are awesome ana!

  18. Veronica says:

    ohhh daaa :))) o sa fie memorabila, presimt

  19. Mihaela says:


    Mi-ar placea sa fie propusa si cartea DANSATOAREA LUI DEGAS – K. WAGNER
    Unde pot vedea cartea propusa pentru urmatoarea intalnire? Mi-ar placea mult sa particip la clubul de carte.


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