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4 February 2013 / By / 11 Comments

Shop this Parlor blouse on Molecule F.com

Photos by Serban Cristea




Mes chers kittens,


It’s Monday and I’m laughing of joy. Relax, I’m not glad it’s Monday either, I’m a sleep late person too and I want a prolonged weekend every two days but guess what? This time I really got it and it’s perfect! Now, one thing remains, to call and cancel all my meetings for today…Stefania will kill me, I am certain of that.

I’m in Bulgaria, at a spa I found last year and I’m still coming back to it. It’s pure relaxation heaven!

Over at “It’s not Monday, it’s MORODAN Day” on Molecule F, I was telling you guys how much I love this place and why, how the ladies that I’ve met here are extremely poised and elegant. As in “going to the spa” elegant, no, they are not coming dressed in Queen Victoria at the spa.

Today I am wearing a Parlor blouse and I am extremely proud because many of those elegant ladies said that it is such a lady like and delicate blouse. I told them that Parlor is a Romanian label and that the designer, Veronica Zaharia is one of  the most verdant, chic, well mannered and stylish women I’ve met. I saw them enlarging their eyes, taking their phones and typing Parlor onto Google search connect.



Now, how do you plan to make this week unforgettable?




I am thinking to buy a new plant (ivy, I love ivies), a little redecoration will do, like new sheets, or build an improvised coffee table from some books and a platter. I also want to go and see a movie, yep, this might be a cool relaxation after work. I wouldn’t go in the evening, maybe at 19.00 o’clock the latest so that after I can still have time to do something else before I go to sleep. Or I can rearrange my statement jewelry which for me is equivalent to going at the spa.




Today is the last day when you can win this beautiful, beautiful long dress. .



Ana banana

 .mes chers kittens,

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  1. Dana Gherghilescu says:

    Miss M, you look lovely! You just put a smile on my face! Keep on smiling and being chic! Everyone loves chic ladies! :X

  2. Zadin says:

    Love the snake print boots.


  3. Veronica says:

    Sna, please do tell us the name of the spa and the location.
    I also need to relax.
    Or could you recommend one in Bucharest?
    Have a wonderful week! :*

  4. Bulgaria has no other chance 🙂

  5. therosemarybabe says:

    What nice boots! Love your smile! xoxo love

  6. pinkanca says:

    Oh my God! This blouse is so beautiful, I see myself wearing it with so many things. kisses for style!

  7. Soos Cristina says:

    Ana esti adorabila in ultima poza <3 si bluzita iti vine minunat :*

  8. Georgi says:

    Ana, superb outfit, ca intotdeauna. Poti te rog sa ne spui de unde sunt ghetele? Multzam fain!

  9. cristina macovei says:

    Bluza e superba dar nu este pe molecule-f,de unde pot s-o cumpar?

  10. Bluza este foarte frumoasa !!!

  11. Pharme942 says:

    Hello! gekdckc interesting gekdckc site! I’m really like it! Very, very gekdckc good!

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