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Every time I think of Peroni I think of Italy, La dolce Vita, marvelous parties and beautiful objects.
My second thought when I think of Peroni is fashion, lavishly outfits and sophisticated tastes.

I’m sure you remember the summer edition of Peroni Collaborazioni



When Ana Wagner, Adrian Oianu and Roberto dal Seno paired with the bloggers Cristina Bazavan, Alex Moise and Cristina Mazilu to set up a dinner called “Amici di Peroni“. It was such a beautiful project.

Well, this time, another three teams have to do a special project – to recreate an after ski party.

This time the designers are Nadia Popescu who will team up with Irina Markovits from Style Diary, Mihai Dan Zarug teamed up with Claudiu Enescu from Mauvert and the lovely Kinga Varga with the  “lovely” me.

I’m extremely happy to be part of this project because Peroni Collaborazioni is an unique concept in Romania with a very well thought concept, a great image campaign and a smart approach so I’m glad that for them I embody all these qualities.

I’m gonna meet Kinga these days so I have to run an prepare my questions for her.
A very talented and creative person, Kinga Varga is the only knitting designer in Romania.

Each one of the three teams will have to design an article suitable for the after sky parties embodying the Italian vibe. These creations will be displayed on 8th of December in an unique party hosted by Peroni Nastro Azzurro at Fratelli Studios.



Arrivederci, Ciao, Molti Baci,




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