Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes – The Summer 2015 Capsule Collection

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21 April 2015 / By / 48 Comments


 Now, this is the final result …however…how we got here is a bit different…a story which  you`ll discover as soon as you scroll down. Bon voyage sort to speak


Ana Morodan


Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan



And now, here was our `road to success` 


First of all, I was on an I CAN DO IT NO MATTER WHAT mood


Ana Morodan


Until I realized that I just…CAN`T!

Veronica, bring on the ladder. I`m going to get up there by all means!


Ana Morodan 2


Damn! And it all seemed so easy last night over a few gin tonics…




Once I am UP you cannot get me down easily, as you so well know. Veronica climbed the ladder – of success – and helped me change my shoes. Because she always has ma` back.


Ana Morodan 3


Alexandru was magnificent and with the eyes on the ball, like he always is.


Ana MorodanI am wearing an M.Marquise dress and Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes – The Summer 2015 Capsule Collection

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at Vertical Spirit – the biggest climbing place in Romania. every other weekend, see you there, I think I started to like climbing. Keeps me focused.




Well, if you really must know, I did it because all this blogging adventure for me, it should be in the first place, FUN. And looking back at this shooting we managed to do so with quite huge success, wouldn`t you say?

I hear youuuu. Yes, we`re telekinetic now – I hear you asking:

From where do you have all this crazy ideas?

Well, I must admit, it`s not all me. I have a secret advisor with which I`m getting all these little masquerades planned. Its name is Gin Tonic.

Now, enough small talking, the time has come (Game of Thrones intonation please? I do not watch it but I know everything about it, some of my friends are fans) to show you my latest shoe capsule collection for Smiling Shoes. Actually, you`ve just seen it above. So yes, these pretty things are my current shoe obsessions. Be prepared to see them often, spammy often, like the animal print sandals from my last summer collection, remember? Boy, they were in almost every post last year. When you really like something very much you wear it over and over again. We`re not supporting impulsive consumerism over here, people.


You know, that`s the thing with Shoes and Gin Tonic. They both have the power to take you to unforgettable adventures. Ones which you will never forget easily. And who knows, maybe one day, one of those adventures will change your whole world. Like the time I was…oh for God`s sake! I`ll stop talking now.



Thank you everyone for being here and for sending me your positive vibes. I`m sending them back. Because you know, what comes around goes around. smile









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  1. Irina M. says:

    I love them aaaaall!

  2. High Heels says:

    you look spectacular, darling! I love the concept

  3. Vero Adam says:

    practic ma obligi sa am TOATE cizmele din colectia ta :))) sunt absolut superbe, iar fotografiile sunt minunate

  4. Ioana says:

    Daca pana acum credeam ca doar pantofii rosii vom fi must have pentru mine, iata incep sa se adune cam 4 produse in cos :))

  5. Anca Dumitru says:

    felicitari, draga mea! sunt superbe toate si, da, ai dreptate cu sandalele animal print. nici eu nu m-as mai fi descaltat de ele :))

  6. pinky says:

    you look amazing in that dress

  7. Edna says:

    The ropes are the next must have accesory, you’ll see :))

  8. KARLA says:

    pantofii cu buline sunt preferatii mei

  9. Iulia Rotariu says:

    Draga mea, intreaga colectie e minunata. Si daca pana acum nu mi-am luat niciun produs (what was I thinking?!), cred ca primavara asta o sa am toata colectia 🙂

  10. ofelia says:

    amazing red shoes, you will be mineeeeeeeeee

  11. Aurelia says:

    Doamne, eu as fi murit de frica, dar fotografiile chiar au iesit minunat 😉

  12. the fashion lover says:

    A lovely countess looking awesome even in those ropes:) I totally love the photos and the collection

  13. ema says:

    Veronica was sooo brave :))))

  14. IceQueen says:

    The photo with the boots is cooolness all over! I love love loveeee it!

  15. Pal Silvia says:

    Polka dots and red shoes are my absolute favorites 🙂 congrats, the collection will be a hit again 🙂

  16. Migdelia says:

    This is just brilliant! Congratulations!

  17. maria says:

    la mine vodka tonic functioneaza :)) asa am ajuns sa am tatuaj si sa-mi cumpar scuter :))))))

  18. anca marinescu says:

    sandalele sunt preferatele mele, iar cele Kate Moss imi fac cu ochiul

  19. Teodora says:

    I love smiling Shoes!!! Their shoes are lovely as always. By the way: boy, you have b…. courage!

  20. adela says:

    crocsii :))))) like a monday

  21. Beatrice says:


  22. Aura G. says:

    sandalele negre sunt to dieeee for, o sa-mi fie greu sa renunt la cele animal print sa stii

  23. OMG this photoshoot is amazing !!! I absolutely love it <3

  24. georgia says:

    cizmele sunt superbe, abia astept sa le port

  25. Tina says:

    Sunt sigura ca te-ai chinuit putin la sedinta gito, dar rezultatul e pe masura, abolut spectaculos 😉 felicitari, esti acolo unde meriti, in varf 🙂

  26. natasa p says:

    polka dots, I love them ❤️

  27. Adela Oprea says:

    Great collection, congratulations

  28. Madalina M says:

    One of the best photo shooting I’ve seen…women can do anything, as long as they have the perfect shoes. My favorite pair…the dotted one.

  29. diana says:

    You are the queen of shoes definetly, love them

  30. Alice says:

    Thank you for feeding my love for shoes 🙂 they are all amazing, especially the red ones

  31. Maria Antonescu says:

    Ceea ce imi place cel mai mult la aceste colectii este faptul ca nu sunt pantofi “la moda”, ci pantofi pe care ii putem purta si peste 5 ani si vor fi la fel de admirati

  32. carmen says:

    abia o asteptaaaaaam :))) pantofii rosii sunt perfecti

  33. Ina says:

    I’ve been dreaming about the perfect polkadot shoes for some time. Now I found them 🙂 thank you

  34. gina says:

    spectacular photo shoot, bravooooo

  35. Casandra Finca says:

    Sandalele albe vor fi purtate pe sub rochia mea de mireasa 🙂 chiar am sperat sa fie ceva alb in aceasta noua colectie ❤️

  36. Bookish says:

    Superba colectia, de shooting nici nu mai zic!

  37. manuela says:

    colectia e foarte frumoasa iar shooting-ul pentru ea e absolut spectaculos,imi place la nebunie 🙂 poate ne vedem la sala, si mie imi place cataratul

    te pup

  38. Ariana Botea says:

    I’ll have a gin tonic and the boots, size 37, please 🙂 love it

  39. miruna cosmin says:

    sandalele albe sunt preferatele mele, desi in general nu port incaltaminte alba

  40. MiraBella says:

    Bravo, Ana! Bravo, bravo! It will be a hit

  41. alexandra matei says:

    vaaaai, ador sandalele cu barete multe, sunt foarte frumoase

  42. ana says:

    love the photos

  43. emma says:

    I think this is a new way to trash a dress. An amazing red dress I might add 😉

  44. olivia p. says:

    bulineeeeeeeeeeee le ador, abia astept sa-i port

    mi-ai facut ziua cu pantofii astia 🙂

  45. Roberta says:

    What original idea!! Love white sandal…

  46. Ana Maria P. says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing!

  47. Papinozaur says:

    Excelent foarte buna ideea sedintei.

  48. Elena says:

    Sandalele negre cu barete sunt superbe ! Nota 10 pentru initiativa de escaladare a zidului 🙂

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