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A while ago, when I found out that Kiehl`s launches in Romania my heart skipped a beat. For a while now,  I`m a fan of this New York body and skin care company . I know they have a history of 162 years on the market and with their `test before use` strategy won me as a loyal customer through the years. Because let me tell you this, their products are unique and their attention and education programs towards the client rule my world concerning skin care. Like for real. Check this out:


I was honored to be the first one invited to test the Kiehl`s experience live, so yesterday at 3 pm I was in Afi Cotroceni ready for my visit at Kiehl`s. I was convinced that I`ll meet one of their sales persons and have a product presentation.



Ana Morodan 5555


But guess what? A Skin Specialist, available 24/7 in the store, was waiting for me.

We will do a test on your face to see what kind of skin combination do you have – she says


Ana Morodan 7


Then she gently presses two little gadgets on my forehead and cheek and holds them there for 5 seconds or so.


Ana Morodan 11


After that, a little barometer is revealed and we find out what type of skin do I have — mixed/oily on my forehead and normal/dry on the cheeks


Ana Morodan 9


But wait, there`s more – another gadget is meant to measure the level of hydration my skin has – – 34% – kinda low, lots of water and the right products for moisture are in order


Ana Morodan 8

Ana Morodan 6


And then we tested all the products needed for my type of skin.


Ana Morodan 5

Ana Morodan 12

Ana Morodan 55m

Ana Morodan 122

Ana Morodan 3


During all this time the store specialist teaches me all kind of tricks in order to take care of my skin properly. And here I was, completely absorbed by all this natural and useful information about my skin I have never heard anywhere else.


And you know what`s even GREATER about Kiehl`s ?!?! They recycle their cosmetic bottles!!! Yes, this is so, so awesome!  And if you recycle them you get free products in return.

You know, they super WON my deepest respect by doing this. I plan to do the same with the packages from Morodan Shop. So, thank you Kiehl`s for inspiring me and CHAPEAU. heart-ana



Ana Morodan 4



And because I think about you  also, two of you can experience a meeting like I had, a skin test and, mainly, you`ll get the product your skin needs as a gift heart-ana


Here`s what you have to do:


  1. Like Kiehl`s Romania on Facebook

         2. Pay a visit to Kiehl`s Romania and make a skin test

         3. Take a photo with Mr. Bones in the Kiehl`s Store and upload it to your Facebook profile and leave me the link to it in a comment


Ana Morodan 2




You have two weeks.

The two winners will receive a complete and personalized skin care routine – a skin cleanser, a skin moisturizer and a shampoo and a body care product – format 65 ml.


At the end of my visit I had the  pleasure of signing in Kiehl`s guest book. I felt valued.




And the winners are  number 13 – Violeta  and number 16 – Diana  –  – – – – – Congratulations V 7b




Ana MorodanStephan Pelger necklace – Morodan Shop blouse – Clara Rotescu skirt – Smiling Shoes heels

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



I left not only with one memorable and powerful experience but with a precious information which I will use from now on  and with products meant to help my skin for real.


This was not a press visit, this was a skin care revelation! And also, a  strong and smart ecological example!




Anetta Skinchechetta








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  1. amelie says:

    Ms. Ana and Mr Bones look like they’re planning something cool 😉

  2. High Heels says:

    You look great ❤️

  3. Daria S says:

    Produsele Keihl’s sunt foarte bune si ma bucur neapus ca sint si in Romania. Si eu tot ten mixt si cu siguranta nivelul de hidratare la fel de scazut

  4. Ilinca Stan says:

    Abia astept sa incerc produsele, fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

  5. Irina says:

    Mi-am cumparat acum 2 saptamani niste produse Kiehl’s. Sunt superbe!! Deci cel putin serul de Hydro Plump si crema de ochi cu avocado sunt superbe. Nu ma mai pot desparti de ele!!

  6. Magda Grigore says:

    Doamne, Kieh`ls e in Romania~??~?~ Cat de tare, nu stiam!!!

  7. Style is Eternal says:

    I love their porducts but I love you more! You always makes things entertaining 🙂

  8. Alexandra Carmen says:

    Kiehl`s is one of my Love Brands. Ma bucur ca sunt si in Romania. E pe lista mea data viitoare cand vvin in Bucuresti. Esti mereu simpatica si fresh Ana. Nu stiu cum reusesti sa faci atat de multe lucruri sis a fii mereu atat de optimista.

  9. IuniaMini says:

    Da, asta ma intreb si eu mereu. Cum reusesti sa faci mereu altceva decat face marea masa?!?! Esti pur si simplu ALTCEVA <3

  10. Mihaela D says:

    I`m a big fan of kiehl`s and mr bones is one hell of a cool mascot 🙂

  11. Fashionable Evelina says:

    The necklace is everything Ana. And the skirt is so special. Fringeeeee, one cool trend this season

  12. Lili Magenda says:

    Kiehl`s is love. Atest si confirm ferm!

  13. Violeta says:

    Buna, Ana!

    Ma bucur tare sa vad articolul tau si ca apreciezi, la fel ca si mine, produsele Kiehl’s. Le ador si cred ca voi inlocui toate produsele cosmetice pe care le folosesc cu Kiehl’s.
    Fiind mandra detinatoare a unui ten sensibil si ” cu personalitate ” ( zic eu ), dupa teste de-a lungul anilor a zeci de produse dermatocosmetice acum ma declar linistita, ca am descoperit secretul unui ten sanatos, glow-ing as adauga. 😉

    Linkul pozei mele cu tipul senzational 😉 :

    Kihl’s = frumusete la superlativ


  14. Eliza says:

    m-ai prins intr-o mega nebunie cu produsele de beauty, le-as incerca/cumpara/folosi pe toateeeeeee! Keihl’s e unul dintre favorite, am fost intotdeauna multumita de toate produsele lor

  15. Alina Balanescu says:

    excelente produsele, abia astept sa testez

  16. Diana Mateescu says:

    Great experience at Keihl’s !

  17. Lare Dorin says:


    Eu nu am Facebook, deci nu pot da like paginii Kiehl’s. Sper ca nu trebuie sa imi fac special pentru concurs, nu? 🙂

  18. Adela says:

    Cand anuntati castigatoarele?

  19. Violeta says:

    Va multumesc mult, mult , mult! 😉

    Sa imi spuneti cand pot merge sa ridic premiul.

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Violeta, te vor contacta ei 🙂 Te imbratisez cu drag 🙂

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