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I always thought ABSOLUT campaigns were just like the Hollywood blockbuster trailers – empowering, intense and WoW. Their latest campaign Transform Today is also following this rule.

Four international artists are the leaders of transformation this Fall. They are known for always pushing the boundaries of creativity forward and for taking their performances to the next level. A better level.





Aron Koblin, a digital artist famous for his visual performances.




Woodkid  made us sing “I love you” and “Iron” with all our lungs.




Rafael Gampa, a Brazilian comic book artist known for his innovative comic books & manga’s.




Yiqing Yin is a Chinese artist known for her artistic ways of sculpting. I somehow connect with her aesthetic values and her way of pushing her creativity always way forward.


On the 5th of December Woodkid will hold a spectacular concert at the ABSOLUT Party in Bucharest. See all the details and attend if you wanna join an unforgettable party & night.

Stay tuned for next week. You will be able to win 10 invitations at the ABSOLUT Transform Today event. Sure, you’ll have to be 18+.


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  1. kiki J says:

    hello dear! hope you are feeling better!
    absolut campaigns have always been great, big and original, love this one too

  2. Chic&Chic says:

    uuuh that is so exciting!!!!! i am a fan of their events :)))))

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