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fashionable collages

Hello cool collages




Here are the facts – I grew up in a crowd of young, intelligent people that were mostly kind of underground (we didn’t have this term back then but now I can put them in this category).

I was always the fashionista of the group (we didn’t have this term back then either but they just called me Morodan The Coquette – well, at least I wasn’t a cocotte…). I remember how we used to go to all kinds of  not so fancy places and I was always super pampered. Yeah, I always was the fashionista of the group.

And until today I am a passionate fashion consumer. The difference is that nowadays I smart shop. And thank God I understood that important things like attitude and a smile are the sass of my outfits.


Here’s the proof that I’m still a fashionista today – the style character I am in the new Colgate campaign. Why didn’t they make me the Party Girl? Or the Smart Casual Star. A? No, they said I am The Fashionista! And I tell you why: because they want to teach you all that being a fashionista with a hell of a lot of self-confidence is sexy, smart and very appealing (yeah, I’ve just bragged).






Here’s how the application works:


You click on Colgate Romania, like it, enter the “A New Wardrobe for a Shiny Smile” application (duh) and select which style suits you best. Then you can find out which one of us characters are you and also get tons of style advice.

And here’s another BIG DEAL – you can win a new wardrobe worth 2000 Euro!

Now, tell me this is not a cool contest?!?!







The application is live on Colgate Romania‘s Facebook Page  until the 8 th of December and in two weeks we’ll have a contest here also, so make sure you save your Style Result





Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Shiny Fashionista Morodan



*the pictures used for this collages are coming from several tumblrs, I can’t remember. I know Cristine Centenera is wearing the Celine outfit and that one outfit is from This chick’s got Style.com. If you see yourself in one of  the pictures and see my head in it, send me an email titled “Off with her head!”. For what it’s worth Chapeau for your style!

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  1. Veronica says:

    pff mi-am facut ieri testul si tot nu scap de tine :)) so I’m a fashionista also.

  2. Divettes says:

    Absolut magnicica idee! Mia-m facut testul eu sunt printesa urbana se pare, dar nu ma lepad de Ana Morodan!!!

  3. Dianaaa says:

    Ah! si eu sunt tot fashionista!!! (de paca as fi avut nevoie sa-mi zica cineva :)))) dar a fost mega fun!)

  4. Este super si mega originala ideea colajelor! Culmea, ideea se aseamana cu ceea ce am facut si eu pentru tendintele acestui sezon: http://wp.me/p3lUTI-n1

    Felicitari pentru originalitate!

    Ale R.

  5. Soos Cristina says:

    Pupici :*:*

  6. Oana Maruntelu says:

    Ma potrivesc stilului dvs. Sunt 75% fashionista 😛

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