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Ana Morodan | On 09, Dec 2013


anamorodan com is breathtaking

morodan reading at La Maison

close up on morodan

anamorodan com is amazing


anamorodan com rocks

Stand Tall


Hello Morodan This MORODAN Day I am wearing an Elena Perseil dress – shop it on Molecule

© Serban Cristea – shoot with Canon 70 D



Negative, neurotic and jaded characters have always mesmerized me. For a few, sweet seconds. That’s why, once a year I play this part. It helps me keep the theatrical attitude alive.

And when you’re famous for discovering magical places, you have to raise to the expectations, no? La Maison is by far one of the most fascinating deco showrooms I’ve ever been to and the perfect place for my new story.

Oh, yes, the story. Long story short, because it’s Monday and nobody has the time to read novels, it’s the story about a little girl who one day decided to do another kind of personal style blogging, to build stories around her pictures. And it was everything ohhh so fascinating and everybody started doing that. Until one moment when the little girl got too much on her hand and took a few weeks off  just to give her creativity a break.

Now, I could tell you the end in much more words but the really fitted words that come to my mind are the ones Georgina Sparks from Gossip Girl (stop rolling your eyes, it was everybody’s guilty pleasure) said when she left her correction school camp:

“You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back!” *




*no, I have nothing against Jesus or the church, I just love the line- don’t start the drama

Ana says



The Countess Morodan


La Maison Bucuresti 1


  1. Bellissima

  2. Anastasia Costache

    mi-a picat mandibula <3 rochia si locul sunt AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH…

  3. LUANA

    ador totul la rochia asta, culoarea, forma, lungimea, manecile totul.
    and btw, i’m glad the bitch is back ;)

  4. Ginger Girl

    every smart girl needs a break now and then! you came back looking stunning!

  5. alina butica

    Doamne ce tapet, ce lapma, ce decor si ce bine arati in el…o poveste minunata intr-adevar Ana

  6. Cool Fashion

    ha! i know how i’m dressing for the new year’s eve party! (this astounding dress ofc!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. Needless to say, the pictures are outstanding, so are you in that fabulous dress! :D
    I looove the interior..magical!

  8. Samantha L.W.

    love “la maison” darling ana,you have excellent taste

  9. Sincer, Ana, nu mai stiu niciun alt blog de personal styling care sa construiasca povesti, asa ca tine. Poate doar al Ioanei (Fashezine), restul sunt poze cu outfitturi.


  10. Russian Chic

    crazy about la maison! my kind of interior design!

  11. Tania

    wellcome back you gorgeous negative neurotic (you said it :) )) character! love you

  12. Mary K.

    ce frumoasa esti! rochia e un vis frumos mai ales de sarbatori <3

  13. Lucia

    imi place poza in care mangai renul :) ma inspiri ana, ador umorul tau

  14. tudora ana

    pe langa faptul ca penele sunt in trend acum si arata minunat, culoarea rochiei si decolteul mi se par perfecte. good choice love it dear

  15. Chic&Chic

    the chicest lady alive is Ana Morodan

  16. bea

    adorabila poza in care a lesinat contesa :) ))) ahahahahaaa
    superba contesa apropo, cam frumos :) )))))

  17. joan love

    This place is perfect I love love love the colors in these pictures, and yes, you are pretty good at telling your stories Ana. Trend setters always have people who copy their work, so what can you do? Be origial like only you can.
    Your biggest fan,

  18. Rochia mi se pare divină și îți stă excelent în ea.

  19. Soos Cristina

    Pentru mine esti pur si simplu Magica <3
    Te pup cu mult drag :*:*

  20. carmen

    ador blogul tau si ai ajuns sa faci parte din viata mea :) sa-ti spun un secret: desi nu m-am rujat niciodata m-ai “convins” sa incerc si eu un ruj rosu!! din pacate nu m-a satisfacut nici o nuanta… poti sa-mi dezvalui secretul nuantei tale? :)

    • Ana Morodan

      Carmen, iti multumesc frumos pentru cuvintele tale :) Singurul ruj pe care eu il folosesc se numeste Ruby Woo de la Mac.

      Te imbratisez cu mult drag,

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