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She`s Elena Bagescu – my pregnant friend. She`s  actually the first person that comes to my mind when I think of at people who are always there for other people, without nothing to gain from that. She`s also a little character like myself so you must understand, we were meant to be friends.


elena and ana

anamordan com 7I am wearing H&M thigh high boots, a Clara Rotescu coat, a Celine bag and Celine sunglasses available at Optiblu

Photos by Mihai Dina




 What remains to be said in this situation?!?! I am wearing the pink coat which makes me look like a huge spuma de capsuni – I would have said cupcake, but I kinda try to not pronounce this fancy chec.

Mihai, Elena und ich were on our way to have a drink on Saturday afternoon. These are some glimpses of me explaining shit to them.


Wait, wait, now that I think about it, I have something to say.



Style tricks


Even though you may be an austere, gothic like or simple outfit lover like me, every once in a while buy a statement piece of clothing. One that can make you noticed, one that says you have the balls to wear it – look at me and my big tits, this coat makes me look like a church bell but I adore it – a piece of clothing that can hide or on the contrary mon ami, that can point out whatever is special about yourself.






Goodbye people, I have to run. I hope this week will be merciful with my nerves but productive. I plan to buy a bicycle and move my headquarters in a summer garden that I`ve discovered this weekend. But more about this soon.

.Goodbye people, I hope this new week will prove c

hill but gggNoNow, I`ll leave you with this live proof of me talking shit.









Anette von Morodanette

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  1. Bulina chic ce esti! Dintre cunoscutii blogeri AI Romaniei esti de departe favorita mea! 🙂

  2. Irina Voinea says:

    WOW CE TARE OUTFIT ANA! cizmele sunt so 60’s just like your dress!!!!!

  3. Eugene Marie says:

    gorgeous sweet look

  4. Vanessa Youngdaughter says:

    but you are like a cupcake nice!

  5. Delia says:

    ahahaha foarte draguta postarea ta de azi, relaxata si vesela, iar tu arati splendid!

  6. Kira Ioana says:

    foarte tare filmuletul, good point, din partea mea poti sa mai faci mai ales legat de greselile gramaticale!

  7. question everything says:

    very lovely 60s look love it!

  8. We Have Style says:

    love your hunor and your style, which by the way are one and the same thing for you 😀 enchanting really

  9. bianca says:

    cizmele sunt din colectia actuala? sunt chiar cool!

  10. camelia says:

    asa m-as imbraca azi, dar nu detin o rochie ca a ta, ar trebui sa fix this, no? 😀

  11. denise fiona lewis says:

    i didn’t understand a word from your video but it was damn funny :)))

  12. Skinny Mary says:

    now that’s what i call my kind of look!

  13. helena christensen says:

    hihi looks like a “lets celebrate rain 60s way” statement :)))) love it

  14. Gina says:

    Doamne, furnici! hahaha discursul tau e de-a dreptul captivant!

  15. Anastasia Ciuntea says:

    RE-MAR-CA-BI-LA! (daca tot vorbeai de limba romana corect vorbita, ti-am aratat si eu ca stiu sa silabisesc 🙂

  16. La Famme says:

    yep, it’s nice to wear an outfit like this now and then for fun, breaks the routine

  17. julieta h says:


  18. Oana says:

    dulce si imbulinata! raspunsul este da 🙂

  19. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    marturisesc ceva: ziua mea fara umorul tau ar fi mai tristaaaaa :**

  20. MARTA'S CLOSET says:

    mmmmmm pink coat & pink attitude i might say 😀 cool!

  21. Nico says:

    dar ce tunsoare hot! imi place!

  22. L. Edita says:

    i love my bulina! nice start for a great week!

  23. alex says:

    foarte frumos, si bun sfatul, mai greu cu curajul de a purta look-uri asa dearing 🙂 lucrez la asta!

  24. Style Bubble says:

    Rafinament modern! grozav!

  25. Ema says:

    hihi parca te-ai imbracat ca fetita mea 🙂 dragut

  26. Zina Cool says:

    de poveste, si tinuta si clipul! ma bucur ca ti-am deschis pagina, cumva am inceput ziua zambind 😉

  27. kiki J says:

    aaaa…casa oamenilor de stiinta…beautiful building

  28. Style of the Day says:

    definitely the style of the day Ana!

  29. Rona says:

    Stunnning coat! your style is unique and I love it!

    Dress To Cook

  30. Ioana says:

    Contesa de Morodanette, dar sa stergi ochelarii de camasa fetii ntz ntz ntz :))) esti o explozie and I <3 your style!

  31. raluca says:

    Vreau si eu sa stiu daca cizmele sunt din colectia actuala sau mai am vreo sansa sa le gasesc prin vreun magazin zilele astea. Multumesc anticipat pentru raspuns! 😉
    Esti minunata, femeie frumoasa!!!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Raluca, cizmele sunt din colectia de primavara H&M si din cate stiu eu s-au epuizat in the day they hit the store 🙁

      Iti multumesc frumos pentru cuvintele tale 🙂

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